Is Outsourced IT Support Affordable For Life Sciences And Biotech Companies?

Life sciences and biotech companies throughout the Cupertino area are exploring the benefits of outsourcing their technology needs to a managed IT services provider.  For years, many businesses believed that a partnership with a professional technology firm was just too cost prohibitive. As a result of this belief, senior leadership in these businesses were tasked with doing their daily work PLUS unending technology maintenance – putting them under strain.  They longed to be able to afford outsourced IT support but just didn’t see how.

One Cupertino-based private company involved in medical device manufacturing was of the mindset that dealing with all their IT needs internally would save them both time and money.  After all, why shell out additional funds for something that could just as easily be done by one of the company partners in his “spare time”?  As the months passed by, they began to realize that what seemed like a smart strategy, in the beginning, was becoming increasingly untenable for them.  It was a Catch 22.  They couldn’t continue as they were, but they couldn’t afford to hire a professional team for outsourced IT support.

Or could they?

How Outsourced IT Support Saves You Money

What many Cupertino life sciences and biotech companies know, and the manufacturer in question didn’t, is that outsourced IT support saves businesses money.  Looking from the outside, it’s hard to imagine how that could be possible, but it is.

Here are several ways that outsourced IT support can put dollars back in your company’s bottom line:

When a company’s IT needs are tasked to an employee, that individual is essentially assuming the workload and worries of two people.  The sad reality is that both jobs end up suffering, and your company productivity begins to decline.  The money you thought you were saving by handling all of your IT in-house ends up costing you that much and even more when your employee is unable to keep up with his responsibilities for his primary job.

From your employee’s perspective, he/she has been seriously overburdened and as a result, is frustrated and possibly even on the verge of burnout.

What does this cost you?

Loss of productivity results in you having to pay for overtime or needing to hire additional staff to keep on top of production.  That equates to additional money spent.  You can try to rationalize it and say that it still doesn’t equate to the monthly cost of outsourcing your IT support.  Maybe so, but what if the employee responsible for your IT AND his own role within your company becomes so burnt out that he falls ill, or worse quits?  Now you have a key man down, and he’s not easy to replace.  Even if you could find a suitable person to fill the IT maintenance role, you then have to undertake the lengthy process of training the new employee to handle the position. Still, you’re left without someone to assume the management role left vacant.  You’re back to square one.

Many people think they can’t afford to hire outsourced IT support.  In reality, outsourcing your IT is both affordable and smart.

  • Singular Focus For Valued Company Employees

Multitasking is highly prized in our society, and it can be a great skill for use in business.  However, multitasking has its limits.  When one or more employees in your business have to divide their time and attention between two critical jobs, they lose the ability to focus on any one task.

Let’s face it; technology problems can take up a lot of time — especially when a layman is trying to navigate the tech waters all on his own.  After all, you hired your executive team because of their expertise in life sciences and biotech, not their ability to solve network problems or keep your mobile devices synchronized and collaborative.  This means that the employee in charge of keeping your technology running smoothly has to dedicate valuable hours to researching IT solutions instead of solving company growth issues.

By outsourcing your IT support to a professional firm, you give your staff the gift of being able to devote all of their time and attention to the work they were hired to do and are passionate about.   Armed with a singular focus, your business can stay on target with projected goals and outcomes.

  • Expert Solutions To IT Problems

Some jobs just require an expert. You don’t want an IT guy to handle your life sciences or biotech work, and it should be the same for your technology needs.  Yes, your staff COULD muddle through and give you IT that functions at a basic level, but you are never going to be able to get the technology high function that you need to drive your business forward.

Technology experts know the ins and outs of each aspect of your IT infrastructure.  They know what you need to do your job most effectively and to keep your data secure.  They also know which of the latest programs on the market are must-haves for your industry and which ones you should leave behind.  This knowledge is invaluable.  Outsourced IT support experts will equip you with the tools you didn’t even know existed — but now you can’t live without.  Yes, it costs you to hire outsourced IT support, but it also pays you back many times over.

Did you know that your office equipment might actually be costing you money?  Outsourced IT support teams look there first to help reduce your overhead.  Most companies have some technology that is either outdated or doing little for your business other than collecting dust, taking up space, using electricity, and costing you money.

Your outsourced IT team can streamline and simplify your IT infrastructure into a compact, well-oiled machine, saving you money in the process.

Why pay for things that you can’t use and don’t need?  Put money back in your pocket by reducing unnecessary expenses.

  • Access To 24/7 Troubleshooting And Support

Sometimes you just need the help of an expert.  If you handle your IT in-house, you don’t have access to a multi-disciplined team of IT experts.  This means hours spent trying to find a solution on your own.  And let’s face it, it’s not easy to wade through those tech manuals and online help forums. — Finding a solution can seem impossible.

When you outsource your IT support, the problems you run into are few and far between because your technical support team monitors and maintains your systems to ensure that they run optimally.  But should an IT snag hold up production, you also have a hotline you can call to get real-time answers and fast troubleshooting response.

Leverage Your Outsourced IT Support To Get The Most Out Of Your:

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