Life Sciences IT Services

Life Sciences IT Services tailored for the unique challenges of the industry

  • Prioritized Compliance reduces risk for your enterprise
  • Rapid Issue Resolution saves your scientists and experts’ time
  • Clear Data Management Strategies make accessing data simple across the organization

Life Sciences companies require different solutions and skillsets than those required by other types of companies. KalioTek has served emerging and mid-sized Life Sciences companies through all phases of growth since 2002. We don’t serve small businesses or large enterprises. Our focus has tuned our sensibilities to the best practices and solutions for this market.

Key Capabilities for Life Sciences

  • Today’s Life Sciences companies need to manage a distributed remote workforce while protecting valuable IP. With the ongoing evolution of targeted threats, this requires the ongoing adoption of new technologies and practices. These need to be re-assessed and updated on a continuing basis. KalioTek’s focus on Life Sciences companies keeps us up to date with the most recent technologies and best practices for secure remote workforce management.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA is required, so KalioTek builds compliance and security into all of our IT solutions. We undergo external assessments for HIPAA and other regulatory standards annually to keep our internal operations secure and update our team’s knowledge of evolving compliance concerns.
  • Cloud computing environments are now commonplace in life sciences companies, often granting access to customers and partners as well as employees. These environments need to be secured and carefully integrated with the corporate IT infrastructure. KalioTek’s life sciences IT services include cloud architects and security engineers that have years of experience with major cloud environments like AWS and Azure. We’re prepared to help you architect, secure, and optimize these environments as you scale and change your business.
  • In addition to proliferating cloud-based IT resources, Life Sciences companies often need more on-premises IT systems than other types of companies to process data coming from local instruments. KalioTek secures and manages on-prem systems, while also making them accessible to remote employees.
  • KalioTek support engineers are qualified to handle issues directly without escalation, and our SLAs assure prompt action to address user concerns. This frees scientists and life science professionals from ever having to waste time resolving IT issues. Our monitoring systems alert us to issues and trends before they disrupt users, and proactive planning and management practices handle root causes and minimize issues.
  • KalioTek creates an up-front strategy for organized archiving of large data sets generated by test instruments, imaging systems or digitized samples in cost-appropriate tiers. This prevents data stores from ballooning, which in turn prevents costs from raising and data management difficulties.

Flexible IT and Security Team

As a leader among life science IT companies, KalioTek provides a range of IT and security services delivered in the form of projects or ongoing managed services.

For a fixed monthly fee, KalioTek will be your partner for IT and Security planning and execution, through all phases of growth. We help you plan for the future, keep your IT assets performing, your employees productive, and your data secure. Regulatory compliance is built into all our solutions and practices.

You’ll have a senior member of our organization to help you plan and manage and be single point of accountability for promised service levels and commitments. Our team will bring best practices from our experience with hundreds of similar companies.

KalioTek solves the problem of IT and security management for growing companies by providing access to a team of talented IT and security professionals with the right mix of skills, and with flexibility capacity tailored to your budget. As your needs change, our roles and capacity can be quickly modified and blended with internal staff to form a single unified team.

Managing IT and Security for Growing Companies

The Challenge

Today’s growing life sciences businesses have complex IT and security needs, requiring a broad range of skills from dedicated life sciences IT companies. For many organizations, the traditional approach of building in-house IT teams no longer provides the necessary capabilities at an affordable cost or in an acceptable timeframe.

Due to KalioTek’s focus on emerging and mid-sized life science companies, whose needs are different than those of small businesses and large enterprises, our sensibilities are finely tuned for the dynamic challenges facing rapidly growing companies. KalioTek brings relevant expertise in right-sized, scalable solutions.

What We Do

As a leader among life sciences IT companies, you can think of KalioTek as your fully staffed IT department, with all the skills you’ll need, ready to respond to any request. Except, you only pay for what you need during any given phase of the business.

IT & Security Planning and Ongoing Management: An experienced IT Director-level consultant, who understands your business priorities, will create and update a running IT plan and manage team members to ensure that we are successfully fulfilling our promised service levels. They bring fresh experience from performing this role with dozens of similar companies. A monthly report of metrics and support activities will be provided, and we will meet with you to review performance and changing priorities.

IT Service Desk (Helpdesk) Support: Support from qualified engineers is available 24 x 7. Each one can easily resolve most issues, saving you from escalating through multiple support tiers. Our technical support staff is local and has all the relevant information on your environment and processes at their fingertips. On-site support can be scheduled at your facility during pre-scheduled hours. Escalation procedures are set according to your business priorities, and all issues are tracked through our web-based ticketing system. Service Desk metrics are included in each monthly report. Recurring issues and solutions to root causes are discussed in regular management meetings.

Maintenance: We perform proactive maintenance and regular updates to your IT and security infrastructure. Patches are pushed to all workstations and devices monthly, and critical security updates are installed with urgency. This reduces costly disruptions that interrupt productivity. We monitor warranty and service contract dates for infrastructure components to prevent service from lapsing.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Reporting: Alerts to failures and critical thresholds allow us to respond rapidly to immediate or pending problems. Our monthly report includes trends on the capacity and utilization of your IT assets, allowing you to stay ahead of demand.

Cyber Security: We recognizer security as an ongoing journey requiring company-wide attention, not a one-time project or destination. We create a security gap analysis and roadmap during our onboarding process and modify it over time. A security mindset is now inseparable from IT operations. We include a security dashboard in each monthly report, showing issues needing attention and progress on security initiatives. In addition to perimeter security, our security solutions encompass endpoint security, endpoint management, regular vulnerability testing, encryption, disaster recovery planning, intrusion protection, log management and end-user training. Our security practices are based on CIS, NIST and PCI frameworks, all well-known standards. To that baseline, we add any specific requirements specific to your business and industry.

Compliance: Numerous compliance regimens – such as HIPAA, ISO 27K, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, FDA, SOX and SOC2 – are required by growing life sciences companies, with more coming all the time. Their requirements overlap heavily. KalioTek’s baseline practices make your company compliance-ready by addressing the requirements specified in major compliance regimens. We add those unique to your situation and are prepared to engage with external auditors to complete the compliance assessments. We are also prepared to represent the state of your compliance to customers, partners or investors who want assurances about your security and compliance.

Documentation: We document your IT infrastructure and keep it up to date as changes are made. This is your intellectual property and key to your IT security and stability. Accurate documentation is critical to support by any IT team and an important ethic of our profession. You should never be at risk of losing IT information when an IT performer gives two-weeks’ notice.

Virtual IT and Security Team Roles

The following roles are available to become part of your virtual support team when needed. We adjust the capacity of roles as required to support the growing needs of your business.

  • IT & Security Director
  • Solution Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • User Support Engineer

The KalioTek Difference

Our team has served hundreds of emerging life sciences companies since 2002. We are known for our commitment to client satisfaction and our trusted relationships with a broad network of industry professionals who refer us to their clients.

Learn More

To learn more about KalioTek’s life sciences IT services, please feel free to contact us. KalioTek provides managed IT infrastructure services, cloud computing solutions and IT security services that shield you from the distractions of IT, so you can focus on growing your company.