Cloud Security Consulting Services

Cloud Computing Security Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

KalioTek provides services to better secure cloud environments

  • Design of secure, scalable cloud architecture
  • Rapid security assessments for existing cloud environments
  • Periodic vulnerability assessments and compliance verification

The Challenge

Mid-size and rapidly-growing companies are increasingly adopting virtual private cloud environments in AWS and Azure for software development, data analysis and sharing data with customers and business partners, which presents new risks and requirements for integration and compliance.

Access privileges for different types of users can get complicated.  Assets may be spread across multiple cloud providers with links to on-premises company systems.  Engineers and developers need granular access to development, test, and production resources. Customers, business partners and other employees may be limited in the systems and data they can access, since users and privileges change constantly.  This complexity introduces risk and requires thoughtful design, which can be outlined using the insight from cloud security audits.

While cloud resources are easy for engineers to spin up, they often lack the expertise and perspective of dedicated cloud security consulting services.  Security for cloud environments is based on a shared model between provider and customer.  Major cloud companies provide excellent security for physical access and hardware, but you are responsible for the design and security of everything you configure there.  This must all be carefully thought out and managed to ensure ongoing security and compliance.

What We Do​

For nascent cloud environments, KalioTek’s cloud experts will work with your team to understand detailed requirements then conduct a cloud security audit. We’ll then work together to create a scalable, secure architecture as a foundation, including requirements for any compliance regimens applicable to your business.  

Security also includes the concern of availability, so “high availability” must be built-in from the beginning.  While cloud environments are reasonably reliable, failures of hardware, software and networks do occur. Providers instruct customers to design for failure, meaning we must assume they will fail and provide redundancy and failover in our designs.  To ensure ongoing stability, security, and compliance over time, we’ll also help you create standard operating procedures and policies.

In many cases, the cloud environment must be carefully integrated with company networks and other cloud environments.  With that in mind, we can also design and configure secure access by remote and on-premises company employees and outside users.

Next, we subject the environment to security testing.  This includes an automated vulnerability scan and manual testing by role for appropriate access. After our automated scan, we begin real-user testing and issue resolution, which is then reported directly to you. This important source of information serves as validation for management, regulators, customers, business partners and investors that may ask for evidence of the cloud environment’s security and compliance.  KalioTek will provide expertise to back you up and be available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Cloud environments offer great flexibility and typically change rapidly.  As applications, roles and users evolve, periodic reassessments are required to ensure continued security and compliance.  Our cloud computing security services also include ongoing security processes, including quarterly vulnerability scans and a process for prioritizing and resolving issues that arise.

Cloud Security Expertise

In addition to our 19 years of experience with cloud security audits, KalioTek has managed highly sensitive, high-availability production environments in the cloud for many years.  KalioTek’s staff includes seasoned IT security consulting firm veterans who have earned Cloud Computing Security Professional (CCSP) certification, the premier cloud security certification.  It requires advanced technical skills and knowledge to design, manage and secure data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud using policies and procedures established by industry cybersecurity experts as best practices for IT security consulting services. In addition, KalioTek consultants have earned long-standing security certifications such as CISSP, SSCP, CISM and CISA.  Our staff also includes certified Solution Architects and Engineers for AWS and Azure.

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