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Finding the right company to manage your IT for you can be a big challenge.  In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses vying for your computing dollar.  Many promise big but deliver little.  So, how do you narrow it down to the one IT support firm that is the right fit for you?

It’s not a simple task.  That’s for sure.

The first step in finding the right company to meet your IT needs is taking stock of what you currently have and making an honest assessment of what is working and what just simply isn’t.

This is your chance to visualize your IT dream team!

Every business is different, and their IT support requirements differ as well.  What is a perfect fit for one company may not be ideal for your business?  You need someone who really “gets” you and your business.  Your perfect outsourced IT service provider fit is out there, and it’s more than likely that KalioTek team IS that perfect fit!

Who can you trust to take care of your company’s IT support needs?

KalioTek has the skills to take your business IT to the next level.  We have been serving the people of the Bay Area for over twenty years.  We are committed to providing affordable, customized IT solutions for each client.

  • We specialize in IT management for mid to large size corporations.
  • We get the Bay Area’s unique culture because we’re a part of it.
  • We have a deep bench of technical expertise available to you in a flexible model

What can a partnership with the KalioTek IT support firm do for your business?

KalioTek is a full service, managed IT support company.  We take your business seriously and will treat your company and staff with honesty and respect.

Among our high-level service offerings are:

  • IT Consulting services—Need someone to manage your day to day IT needs, but don’t want to hire a full time, on-site IT support employee?   With KalioTek, you have access to a team of dedicated IT professionals  to monitor and remotely manage all of your IT infrastructure at less cost than hiring an in-house resource.  Only need someone a few hours a week?  Not a problem.  We can customize a plan to fit your budget and your needs. Only need someone a few hours a week?  Not a problem.  We can customize a plan to fit your budget and your needs.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite—Feel like you aren’t maximizing the potential of your messaging and collaboration solutions? The KalioTek IT support team can assess your current workforce strategy and can train your staff with the latest skills to improve overall office efficiency and productivity. Your expert IT support team will handle all updates and keep you equipped with the best IT tools to help you get the job done.
  • Data Recovery And Backup Solutions for large-scale enterprise—Accidents happen, and Mother Nature doesn’t always play nicely. It’s important to have a strategy in place for when disaster strikes.  The KalioTek IT team has proven experience in IT solutions for disaster avoidance.  You don’t have to miss a beat when power outages try to take you down.  We have the skills to meet your IT needs and give you access to your data wherever you need it, whenever you need it.
  • Remote IT Management And Monitoring—The KalioTek expert IT team can keep your systems maintained and functioning optimally all from a remote location. No need to give up office space and headcount for an in-house resource.  It can all be managed from the KalioTek central office.  At the same time, we are available to you for whatever you need, whenever you need it.  We are on the job to meet your IT needs, 24/7/365.
  • IT Infrastructure Streamlining, Procurement, and Acquisition—There’s nothing worse than paying for something you just aren’t using, and chances are there is some IT equipment in your office that is merely collecting dust. Our IT support experts will assess your current IT infrastructure with an eye to streamlining and simplifying it.  This singular process will save you money, buy you back valuable space, and increase your office productivity and efficiency. We can get you doing more with less!
  • Cybersecurity Solutions including customized strategy, risk assessment, and antivirus protocols—With cybercrime on the rise, the importance of a proactive IT security plan cannot be overestimated. KalioTek is your leading security expert team in the {city}  We can get and keep you protected.  Peace of mind is just a phone call away.
  • Business Continuity Planning and Implementation – including disaster restoration services

The KalioTek team will take IT frustration off your shoulders permanently.

Why should you or your internal staff struggle under the burden of trying to manage your IT?

Release your staff from computer maintenance and let them be productive in the jobs they were hired to do.

Contact KalioTek to discuss how our consultants can assist your business.

KalioTek is the leading managed IT support provider proudly serving the people of the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas for over twenty years.



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