Co-Managed IT Service Models for Silicon Valley Biotechnology Firms

Your Biotech Firm’s Internal IT Department Could Benefit from Outsourced Support

Exploring the features and benefits of the co-managed IT services model for the life sciences industry

Biotechnology firms in the Silicon Valley are busy and innovative entities. Things move quickly and firms are always trying to do more. This can leave even the most strategic of internal IT departments running to keep up. This has nothing to do with the talent or capability of your internal IT department, it’s just a reality that comes along with a fast-paced industry.


Facing this reality, many biotechnology professionals are making the decision to call in backup for their internal IT departments. In fact, we’ve played a complementary role for internal departments of all shapes and sizes – working diligently to provide support where needed and follow the lead of internal professionals.

Bringing in an outsourced IT provider in a co-management position can have countless benefits including:

  • Additional resources and skillsets for half the cost of an FTE
  • Delegated workload and relief for drowning internal departments
  • Streamlined efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Low overhead costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Staff augmentation
  • More comprehensive support
  • Higher end-user satisfaction

However, we’re on a mission to explain these features and benefits in a bit more detail. We’re hoping through this handy guide, you and your team will recognize the benefits of a co-managed IT support model – for your internal IT department, your senior management team, and the entire workforce

First Things First: What Exactly is A Co-Managed IT Service Model and Why Should You Care

There’s no denying that modern businesses rely on IT for pretty much everything. Biotechnology firms are especially reliant on a reliable and solid IT infrastructure in order to get work done and meet tight deadlines. Strategic IT support for Silicon Valley biotechnology firms is an absolute must.

However, as mentioned, internal IT departments for busy biotechnology firms are often overwhelmed and in need of backup support. Co-management allows entities with in-house IT support to supplement their onsite arrangements with additional outsourced service professionals.

The co-management IT model can take many forms including:

  • In-house IT remaining focused on high-level, strategic IT issues and planning while outsourced professionals play a more supportive role in the day-to-day, offering troubleshooting, helpdesk, and software update services.
  • In-house IT remaining focused on carrying out the day-to-day tasks, and outsourced professionals taking on a strategic planning role to develop the organization’s overall IT strategy.
  • A rapidly growing company requiring increased IT services to support internal growth.
  • A company with a trusted and well-developed internal IT department at their main headquarters, but requiring outsourced professionals for support at remote branch locations.

Understanding the Benefits: Why Silicon Valley Biotech Professionals Should Consider the Co-Managed IT Model

Now that we’ve gone over the basic situations in which the co-managed IT model could be beneficial for Silicon Valley biotechnology firms, it’s time to dive a little deeper into the benefits. We’ve created this quick guide to explore the top three advantages a co-managed model can provide: cost reduction, increased productivity, and increased security.

  • Reducing Overhead Costs: How Bringing in Back-Up Could Save You Money

If there’s one thing that all Silicon Valley biotechnology professionals can agree on, it’s that driving down operating costs is never a bad thing. However, you might be wondering, how will bringing on more support offer decreased cost and profit positive margins?

It’s pretty simple. Most co-managed IT services are provided for a fixed and affordable monthly fee. This means that your co-managed IT support offers increased predictability in terms of monthly IT investments. The co-managed support helps to streamline productivity at your firm, and you reduce overhead costs and cut downtime. Two birds, one stone.

  • Increased Productivity: Delegating the Workload for Optimal Productivity

This is the whole point of strategic IT, right? The IT that you rely on has to be making the lives of your team easier. Implemented IT solutions – especially for busy and innovative biotechnology firms – must increase productive power and streamline efficiency at all operational levels.

On the co-managed IT model, your team has IT support available 24/7. This means your in-house IT staff can take vacation or sick leave without any stress. Your outsourced backup will always have support available when it’s needed. This means increased responsiveness, reduced downtime, and more productive employees overall.

Furthermore, with an additional collection of professionals working within your network, you’ll have more people working to optimize your software and make things run more smoothly. With more players on the team, trouble spots and redundancies will be identified and corrected quicker, meaning your team can avoid technical difficulties and stay focused on work and nothing else.

  • Increased Security: More Eyes on the Prize

This is another critical responsibility when it comes to strategic IT: network security. For biotechnology firms that collect mass amounts of personal health and financial details, keeping data and network security on high is a must. Without the latest security tools and patches, biotechnology networks are left vulnerable to cyberattacks and malicious actors of all kinds.

That’s what’s great about calling in some outsourced backup. When you implement a co-managed IT model, you’re bringing in an extra set of expert eyes to watch over your network. Not to mention, they bring a wealth of support, expertise, resources, and strategy with them.

This helps reduce the burden on your internal IT team and makes it possible for your co-managed IT department to develop top-of-the-line IT security best practices. Your network is constantly monitored and maintained, no one’s overwhelmed, and you get the best data protection possible.

Finding the Right Support: Strategies for Choosing an IT Co-Manager

Alright, now that you understand the benefits of a co-managed IT service arrangement, you’re probably wondering: how do I go about finding the right outsourced IT support in the Silicon Valley. First things first – it needs to be someone who will compliment your internal IT department. The right provider will give you no-questions-asked support without trying to step on the toes of your capable in-house professionals.

Do your research to find a provider who is willing to provide customized IT support for Silicon Valley biotechnology professionals. Look for a partner who has experience playing a supportive role in a co-management position and who is eager to work alongside your internal team. Above all, look for a Silicon Valley IT provider who is willing to offer whatever you need and nothing you don’t.

Best practice is to reach out to providers to speak in person. One-on-one consultation can go a long way – especially when you’re trying to find the perfect match for you already a fantastic internal team. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need – the right co-managed IT provider will be willing to parachute in as needed and play an ongoing and supportive role.

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