Where Can I Find Experienced Service & Support For Laboratory Information Management Systems?

To make a difference in patients’ lives, your biopharma business needs a capable technology solutions provider who can develop, configure, test, and validate your laboratory IT systems. One who can also provide the day-to-day technology support your teams need to effectively utilize well-managed, secure, and compliant IT.

The team at KalioTek has this expertise.

Biopharmaceuticals are fast becoming the core of the pharmaceutical industry. But you can’t do this without a significant transformation in the laboratory in terms of technology, strategy, and operations.

You face operational and technological challenges. As biopharma moves from the scientific frontier to the business mainstream, you’re forced to confront the same challenges faced by other businesses: maintaining competitiveness by ensuring affordability, quality, and delivery performance.

Only with a sound and peak-performing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that’s managed by an experienced and knowledgeable IT Partner like KalioTek can you achieve this.

When you depend on our LIMS Service and Support, you’ll have a team that works in close collaboration with your staff to ensure the availability, performance, scalability, and security of your system.

You’ll benefit from an Outsourced Lead Administrator who can collaborate with your Information Technology and Clinical Quality Assurance Departments to ensure your system meets and is in compliance with regulatory and business requirements.

With KalioTek, you’ll profit from an IT team that can:

  • Work with your Laboratory and Translational Medicine Personnel to optimize your LIMS.
  • Expand user functionality for bio-sample, laboratory, and data management.
  • Be responsible for the administration of LIMS operations to include, but not be limited to, test code creation, rule creation, customized reports, modifications, user account management, barcode/printer management, LIMS dictionary creation, and upkeep of systems administration tasks.
  • Support new user functionality and expand existing user functionality of the LIMS.
  • Collaborate with software engineering teams and QA departments to perform IQ/OQ/PQ to facilitate validation activities and develop and execute test scripts as required.
  • Oversee and author the Standard Operating Procedures, User Guides, and other relevant documentation for your LIMS.
  • Ensure ongoing LIMS proficiency and provide company-wide training in respect to any changes or upgrades.
  • Collaborate with management on business requirements to ensure adequate infrastructure support to LIMS.
  • Assist with change-control impact assessments.
  • Conduct internal audit reviews of the system and system documentation.
  • Provide vendor management support by working with your LIMS vendors on future upgrades, modifications, and other business needs within the LIMS.
  • Recommend resources needed for proper upgrades or other maintenance functions of the LIMS.
  • Provide high-level project management for any LIMS projects using Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) best practices.

Plus, our LIMS teams have a working knowledge of QC laboratory operations, experience with change control and software validation, and knowledge of LIMS basic coding and code reviews.

Wouldn’t it be great to find one firm that works with biopharmaceutical businesses like yours and is capable of handling LIMS support, service, and management for a fixed monthly fee?

You’ve found us.

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