IT+Security Managed Services-Flexibility, Expertise, and Peace of Mind

KalioTek will free your team from IT and security burdens and allow them to focus on your business!

Imagine that you have a fully staffed IT team at your disposal, but only pay for exactly what you need with a predictable monthly fee that you can modify at any time.

You’ll have certified IT and security experts on staff and best practices will be implemented to protect your business.

  • They’ll be an extension of your team and know your business well.
  • They’ll lead in the domains of IT and Security – not just respond to requests.
  • They’ll be dedicated to your peace of mind and the productivity of your employees.
  • They’ll be expert in all relevant technologies, with proven processes and with great customer service attitudes!

Dreaming? — Nope.

The KalioTek team has served the demands of hundreds of emerging Bay Area companies just like yours for nearly two decades.  We’re technical enough to work with the most demanding engineers and fast enough to keep up with globe-trotting business executives and sales teams.

We provide end-to-end IT and Security Management for your business technology and relieve your business of IT headaches and stresses.

Free your team from the IT grind.

Enhance your security through a Managed IT+Security partnership with KalioTek!

Wouldn’t your business function better if…

  • Could your people get hold of an IT expert at any time to answer questions or solve problems?
  • Your IT infrastructure was being seamlessly monitored, maintained, and supported 24 x 7?
  • You had someone to help you plan your IT for where your business will be in 12 months?
  • You had a partner who already knows new technologies, can advise you on what to adopt and will help you implement the right ones?
  • You were confident that your data is secure and your IT is protected from threats?
  • Your IT also took care of all your security concerns proactively?
  • IT aspects of compliance were handled automatically through proven solutions and processes?
  • You had someone who was deeply invested in the smooth, effective performance of your IT?

You have found the right IT+Security team – in KalioTek.

We have the expertise and experience necessary to keep your IT running in a way that enhances your productivity and your bottom line while securing your data and reputation.

While many IT companies now claim to offer “managed services,” we know that most are not really prepared to fulfill the promises they make.  We’re often asked to take over from less capable teams that can’t deliver results.

Turn to the trusted IT and Security management of KalioTek.

We offer the predictable, cost-effective IT stability and security in a single service that others cannot match.

What does an all-inclusive IT support partnership with KalioTek look like?

We don’t have different levels of service. Every KalioTek client gets the very best service and solutions we offer for a complete and cost-effective IT and security solution. Cost varies by headcount and the infrastructure components required.

We become your IT department and handle every aspect of the IT infrastructure, including IT strategy and planning.

Our response times are guaranteed and defined in detail by our Service Level Agreements.

The strength of our IT Director consultants, our technical depth, and speed of resolution of our Service Desk people are half of what sets us apart from many providers. The other half is our blend of effective security solutions along with managed IT in a single service.  Entrepreneurs creating new companies come back to us again and again due to their great experience with our team.

We assign a specific team of consultants with the needed blend of skills to service each client. A typical virtual IT team includes:

  • IT Director consultant will meet with client monthly to be accountable for results, update the IT plan to support business objectives, and manage any projects.  Our monthly management report includes metrics on Service Desk performance, projects, and infrastructure performance along with our recommendations.
  • IT and Cloud Solution Architects design and implement new Cloud or On-Premise solutions, including scripting and automation
  • Senior IT Consultants will manage the infrastructure proactively and perform any needed project work on-site or remotely.  We have all relevant technologies covered, including major cloud services. Includes backup and test restore process.
  • Unlimited Service Desk Support – Tracking IT requests and resolving issues remotely from end users reported by phone, email, or web-based Service Desk system.  Consultants are local to the Bay Area. The monthly fee is based on the number of computers being supported.
  1. Remote support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week through a toll-free number or email/web, with after-hours escalation process for emergencies.  90%+ calls are answered live during business hours (6am to 6pm PT).  Non-emergency phone messages are returned within one hour.  Email tickets submitted by 4pm will be addressed (by a human) before 6pm.
  2. Emergency response is immediate during business hours, within 1 hour after normal business hours on a 24×7 basis.
  3. Severity levels and escalation procedures are defined during implementation based on your specific needs.
  4. Remote support tools allow us to assume control over user machines (when granted) for support purposes. This remote tool can also provide support for unattended access (when needed).
  • Desktop Support Consultants come onsite on a prearranged schedule to help users and perform the 10-20% of tasks that are not easily done remotely.  We tune this to the amount needed by each client. Onsite support is provided in pre-scheduled half-day blocks.
  • Eyes-on NOC remotely monitors and manage network and systems 24 x 7.
  • IT security experts with CISSP, CISA, CISM, QSA and Security+ certifications implement best practices from nationally recognized security standards (PCI, CIS, NIST) to protect your IP and reputation -blended with our well-defined IT processes and procedures.

Let’s get started! Contact your KalioTek team.