IT security is about ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of corporate information. In today’s emerging and midsize enterprises, security has become more complex due to the increasingly mobile and distributed workforce and growing number of applications exposed to the internet.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring maximum uptime for critical systems
  • Protecting mobile workers’ laptops and mobile devices
  • Protecting sensitive corporate data
  • Meeting regulatory and compliance obligations
  • Repelling attackers, worms, and other malware
  • Stopping peer-to-peer file sharing traffic
  • Securing all forms of messaging

KalioTek Delivers Solutions

KalioTek IT Security Services provides a full range of security solutions specifically designed for emerging and midsize organizations, which often lack security expertise, but are subject to the same increasing threats as larger enterprises. KalioTek offers a cost-effective approach to assessing vulnerabilities, implementing solutions, and providing ongoing support. This approach yields a secure infrastructure that is risk-appropriate and affordable. Our CISSP, CISA, and QSA certified security experts use industry best practices to provide the following services:

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, a consortium of the major payment card associations (i.e., Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, etc.), requires that merchants accepting payment cards adhere to specific standards called the PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This requirement also applies to service providers hosting systems for merchants. PCI DSS requires very specific technology solutions to ensure data security. It is not just a general framework for process controls. Assessing and complying with these standards requires advanced knowledge of data systems, network architecture, and IT security. KalioTek brings many years of experience in eCommerce data center management, IT security, and PCI compliance to each client engagement. This operating expertise allows us to bring unusual value to our PCI clients. Our QSAs are passionate about helping our clients earn and maintain compliance over the long term by adopting relevant, business-appropriate security practices.

Rapid IT Security Assessment

To conduct a comprehensive yet rapid and affordable security assessment, we first identify assets and key systems to determine risk levels and potential exposures. We include analysis of the overall architecture and any compliance requirements. To identify vulnerabilities, we perform internal and external scans, review system configurations, and look for policy gaps such as weak passwords. Penetration tests and social engineering methods can be included to expose weaknesses. Finally, we provide a comprehensive report that details exposures and our recommended countermeasures to address areas of risk. KalioTek can work with you to develop company security policies, the foundation of any security program.

IT Security Projects

KalioTek has expertise with many different types of security products and solutions. We can also help you develop a company security policy based on ISO 17799, or we can augment your existing IT staff by providing expertise in firewall configuration, intrusion prevention, virus protection, VPN for remote access, or content management.

Virtual Chief Security Officer

The Chief Security Officer serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the organization’s corporate security vision, strategy, and programs. KalioTek offers its Virtual Chief Security Officer services to meet the needs of those organizations that do not need, nor afford a full-time Chief Security Officer. These services facilitate organizations sharing in the knowledge and experience of a Chief Security Officer, while not incurring the full financial burden. Even if your organization can afford the cost of a Chief Security Officer, the reality is you may not actually require the services of a Chief Security Officer full-time. KalioTek, as your Virtual Chief Security Officer, is answerable for your organization’s security posture, both physical and digital. It’s quite obvious that the value of having access to a team with the knowledge and experience of our Virtual Chief Security Officer services offering is incalculable.