Should Your East Bay Real Estate Association Bring in an IT Consultant? (Questions/Answers)

Why A Strategic IT Consultant Will be a Game Changer for Your East Bay Real Estate Association

How real estate professionals can streamline industry events and connect with technology

We were recently invited to speak with a small East Bay real estate association about IT support and optimization services. During our discussion, we helped the association members get to the bottom of the IT challenges they hoped to overcome and we outlined strategic tech solutions for them to consider.

What we took away from the meeting was that professional associations of all kinds require a strategic approach to technology that streamlines their busy operational schedule. Specifically, East Bay real estate associations looking for IT services are looking for professionals to help them face challenges head-on and solve them with strategic IT insights and solutions.

That’s why, we thought it would be a good idea to explore how East Bay real estate associations looking for IT support should undertake their search. Read on to review the top questions to consider when thinking about IT consulting for East Bay real estate associations.

Taking Stock: Technology Questions Your East Bay Real Estate Association Should be Considering

The best way to start the search for East Bay IT services is to develop a solid idea of the tech challenges your organization faces and think about the potential technology solutions that will help you overcome them. By taking stock of your organizations unique IT needs and challenges, you’ll be able to find an East Bay IT consultant that is the perfect fit.

  1. Are you using technology to streamline communication and mobility?

Professional real estate associations are responsible for keeping industry players continually connected and up-to-date with industry news. Whether your goals are networking, promoting industry events, or enriching industry conditions, the ability to communicate effectively and work on-the-go is an absolute must.

Luckily, there are countless IT solutions designed specifically to streamline organizational communication and increase mobility. For instance, moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud can offer increased access to critical data whenever you need it and from wherever you are. Further, communication between members can be streamlined using a variety of applications that include email, voice, and instant messaging capabilities. This way, meetings can be set up seamlessly and communication redundancies can be eliminated.

  1. Can you be sure your association’s data is secure and compliant?

Another critical component of IT services for East Bay real estate associations is all about data security and compliance. The data you collect, store, and share on industry players, potential clients, and networking contacts must be handled and processed securely. In fact, there are a variety of regulatory standards for the collection of personally identifiable information that your association must uphold to avoid sanctions or lost business opportunities.

There are now countless IT solutions that are designed specifically to keep your lines of defense strong and your association’s data secure. Whether you’re looking to implement a firewall or up your access control game with two-factor authentication, the right IT solutions can help provide reassurance that your organizational data stores are well-protected and compliant with regulatory standards.

  1. Are you using technology to protect your association’s continuity?

When it comes to cybersecurity today, the potential threats to your data and your organization’s continuity can seem endless. This is especially relevant for real estate associations that have many members working to collect, store, access, and share sensitive data. Not only do you want to ensure your data is secure, you must make sure it can be restored in the worst-case scenario.

Unsurprisingly, technology can play a huge role in making sure your association’s data is backed-up effectively to protect your livelihood and continuity. Whether you want to implement anti-virus software, threat mitigation strategies, physical or Cloud backups or a business continuity plan, technology can be your ally in the fight against cybercrime. By selecting and customizing the right disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, you’ll sleep better at night knowing that even in the face of disaster your organization can rebound quickly and with limited harm.

  1. Are association members trained to use technology securely and strategically?

The last question you should be considering requires that you think about both the technology you need and the people who use it. As mentioned, real estate associations often have many members and it’s critical that each operational member knows how to best use your IT solutions and proactively protect association resources and data.

In fact, training your members to be their own IT experts will really make all the difference in helping you make the most out of the solutions you deploy. By helping your members prepare for potential cyber security issues and working with them to understand streamlining capabilities, you’ll be going a long way towards optimizing communication, security, connection, and continuity for your organization.

Finding the Right Consultant: Strategic Suggestions for Selecting an East Bay IT Consultant

The bottom line is that real estate associations looking for IT services in the East Bay should undertake their search with an informed perspective. What challenges or redundancies does your organization face? What technology solutions are you already using? What areas of your operational effort could be improved with the use of technology? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll have a better idea of how to discuss potential solutions with East Bay IT consultants.

The right IT consultant for East Bay real estate associations will have experience working with real estate professionals and will be committed to customizing their services to meeting your needs. Further, a truly strategic IT services professional will be willing to work with you and your members to ensure your approach to IT is optimized at all end-points.

Regardless of the unique needs or challenges of your association, be sure to do your research and compare the best IT support professionals in the East Bay. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to providers for an initial consultation. Some one-on-one conversation can go a long way toward finding a strategic and lasting IT strategy and support relationship.

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