BioTech Company Engages Kaliotek For Information Technology Solutions

The best computer systems management partner for biotech companies is a managed IT services provider that has deep roots in the biotech industry. It’s just that simple.

That’s why the KalioTek team was thrilled when we were recently approached by a leading biotech firm in the area to talk with them about their IT support requirements.

  • We have 20+ years of life science technology experience.
  • We’ve helped dozens of other biotech companies achieve their organizational goals.

So, we were glad to get the call and excited to talk with their leadership team.

The initial on-site meeting went as usual. After the introductions and pleasantries, we got down to the brass tacks and nails of their organization and IT needs.

  • They were involved in doing R&D for the food services industry.
  • They had twenty-five to thirty employees on site.
  • Their scientists were brilliant people, but not IT savvy.
  • They had one over-worked internal IT technician and needed to outsource the bulk of their IT support requirements.
  • They had no data backup strategy, and as a result, data security was a big issue that needed to be addressed.

Having this basic list of overview facts in hand, we went to work investigating their systems. We did a port scan, mapped their network, undertook a vulnerability assessment, and reviewed their hardware and licensing.

What we found was that the internal IT technician had done an excellent job. He just couldn’t keep up with the evolving workload and the expansion plans of the organization. In conversations with the business leadership, the decision was made to move the internal technician into a different support role and move all the management, maintenance, and monitoring of the company’s technology over to KalioTek. While we are happy to work with internal IT departments, in this case, the client felt this course of action was most appropriate.

The next steps were the most challenging

Our fully staffed IT+Security department took over the day-to-day IT support operations for the new biotech client.

Even though legislative compliance wasn’t applicable to their situation, we still wanted to ensure that they were set up with industry-standard data storage and security protocols. This included off-site, geo-redundant backup and data encryption. To prevent cyber attacks and data breaches, we implemented industry-leading CIS and NIST security standards.

One of the concerns of the new client was the need for 24/7 Service Desk support. In the past, if their IT employee was off shift, sick, or on vacation, IT problems just festered until he came into work and dealt with the issue at hand. We solved this by providing them with continuous Service Desk support to answer their questions and to respond to any emerging or emergent IT issues faced by their employees.

As a central component of our service to their organization, we provided proactive planning. One of our IT Directors and an outsourced team of security consultants was part of the monthly subscription contract that we agreed upon.

Why KalioTek Works With BioTech Firms

Part of what attracted the KalioTek team to biotech companies in the first place was the complexity of the IT systems upon which the organizations in the industry depend. Biotech IT environments present a challenging interweave of computers, servers, cloud assets, security requirements, and instrumentation. They are a fascinating challenge and allow us to be at our best in serving these organizations.

Managing Big Data Sets

Part of what drives the complexity of serving biotech firms is the large datasets that they depend upon to do their research. The management, utilization, storage, and security of big data is something that not every IT support company has the organizational maturity to handle. Fortunately, we had walked this road with previous clients. We helped the new biotech client to move away from out-of-control data spread around on laptops, workstations, and servers and enabled them to have secure, verifiable data protocols.

It wasn’t that the new client had nuclear secrets. If their data was suddenly released on the internet, it wouldn’t be the end of their company, but it wouldn’t be good for them either. In the end, it was determined that caution was the best course of action when it comes to cybersecurity.

Leveraging the Cloud

The final piece of the puzzle for our new client was leveraging the cloud for collaboration and mobility. Until this point, they had been using file-share systems that really weren’t intended – and didn’t have the appropriate security – for business. We fixed this with a business-class file sync and share system that allowed them to use their files securely on any device anywhere in the world while collaborating in real time.

Now, our newest biotech client has a secure IT environment that works in sync with their processes.

Core Values in Sync with BioTech Firms

In the past few weeks, one of our technicians asked a leader in the biotech firm why they had chosen KalioTek. The answer: “Your core values are aligned with ours.”

What are the core values of KalioTek?

  • Individual Response and Accountability

We ensure that your business and your employees get the individualized attention you deserve, and we make ourselves accountable to you.

  • Promise-Centered Culture

We follow up our service delivery promises with the capacity and character to deliver on those promises.

  • Continuous Learning

We can leverage industry-leading solutions for your company because we encourage our employees to be life-long students and enhance their skills at every opportunity.

  • Increase the Value of Our Offers

As new software, hardware, and cloud solutions become available, we are committed to making them work for you and helping you gain a competitive edge through the utilization of those solutions.

  • Increase the Value of Our People

By being a family of professionals – not just a company – we are able to value the individuals on our team and their contributions to our combined efforts to bring secure, stable, seamless, and productive IT environments to our clients.

  • Work as a Partner

We won’t treat you or your staff like just another account number or a dollar sign. We believe it is our privilege to serve you, and we go out of our way to show you that we value our relationship with you, your staff, and your business.

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