Cloud Computing Brings Opportunity and Risk

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Secure and Optimize Your Cloud Environment

Cloud Flexibility and Scale

Life Sciences and Technology companies are rapidly building Virtual Private Cloud environments to collect, analyze and share data with customers and business partners. Many using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. They provide immense computing power and flexibility, but add complexity

Securing The Cloud

While flexible cloud  environments open new opportunities, they also present new risks and responsibilities. They need to be secure and compliant (HIPAA, PCI…) to protect your critical IP, sensitive data and reputation. Proper access by developers, customers and partners must be maintained.

Cost Control

Cloud resources are easy to spin up but are often poorly managed. Billing is complex. Costs can easily get out of control. Cloud providers estimate their customers waste over 30% of the resources they pay for by leaving idle resources active and oversizing their environments.

KalioTek’s Cloud Expertise

We are specialists in cloud architecture, security and integration for life sciences and technology companies. KalioTek has managed complex cloud environments for many years as the cloud has evolved. Our certified AWS and Azure Solution Architects and security engineers work with your product engineers and compliance officer to provide:

  • A reference architecture for your cloud environment designed for scalability.
    We help you evolve your cloud environment as the company grows.
  • Cloud security and compliance, with periodic updates. You won’t need to hire dedicated security personnel.
  • Integration with your corporate IT infrastructure
  • Secure access by authorized employees, customers and partners
  • Standard operating procedures and policies to insure stability, security and compliance over time

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Security Assessment for Your Virtual Private Cloud

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Your engineers have built a prototype VPC that will hold your valuable IP and deliver services. They know the product, but aren’t security specialists. Employees, customers and business partners will need different levels of access and it must meet compliance standards. How do you gain confidence that this public–facing environment
will be secure and compliant?

KalioTek can help with a rapid VPC architecture review and security assessment. We perform these frequently with specialized tools to speed the process. We’ll deliver actionable recommendations and can assist with changes.