Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Service Models for Bay Area Life Sciences and Technology Firms

Rapidly growing Life Science and Technology firms across the Bay Area rely heavily on advanced IT capabilities to drive efficiency and allow them to do more with fewer employees. This can put a big strain on internal IT departments who are working to keep things optimized with limited staff and resources. The constant threat of security breaches complicates the job even further. Many companies are turning to outsourced IT and security providers to supplement their internal IT departments in a co-managed model.

Could Your Company’s Internal IT Department Benefit from Outsourced Support?

Exploring the features and benefits of co-managed IT services for the life sciences and technology industries

Growth firms funded by venture capital are laser focused on their core business milestones. Their plans can change quickly. This can cause even the most capable of internal IT departments to fall behind.

Facing this reality, many experienced management teams are making the decision to augment their internal IT departments with a managed services partner, working in a co-managed model. We’ve played a complementary role for internal departments of all shapes and sizes – providing help where needed in collaboration with internal IT professionals.

Bringing in an outsourced IT provider in a co-managed model can provide important benefits:

  • Growing companies can have mature IT support from a fully staffed department at a fraction of the cost
  • Add missing skillsets that don’t require a full-time resource
  • Fill in gaps for IT vacancies, staff vacations, events such as mergers and corporate moves
  • Delegate workload and provide relief for drowning internal departments
  • Bring security expertise onto your internal team
  • Break the logjam of uncompleted IT and security projects
  • Increase end-user productivity and satisfaction
  • Delegate workload and provide relief for drowning internal departments
  • Save precious headcount for core roles like product development and sales
  • Increase flexibility – scale up or down as needed on short notice

What is A Co-Managed IT Service Model

Modern businesses rely on IT for pretty much everything. Biotechnology firms are especially reliant on a reliable and solid IT infrastructure in order to get work done and meet tight deadlines. Strategic IT support for Silicon Valley biotechnology firms is an absolute must.

However, as mentioned, internal IT departments for busy biotechnology firms are often overwhelmed and in need of backup support. Co-management allows entities with in-house IT support to supplement their onsite arrangements with additional outsourced service professionals.

The co-managed IT model can take many forms including:

  • Augment your small, junior IT staff with missing roles to yield a full-functioning virtual team
  • Outsource your IT helpdesk, allowing your staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Add missing expertise such as network engineer, security engineer or cloud engineer that are needed regularly, but not full-time.
  • Benefit from fresh experience with many similar companies when planning and selecting solutions.
  • Keep in-house IT focused on day-to-day support tasks, while experienced professionals develop the organization’s overall IT strategy and perform projects requiring specialized skills.
  • Rapid growth demands rapid action that can’t wait for hiring a complete IT team.
  • A company with a well-developed IT department at their main headquarters, but requiring outsourced support for remote branch locations.

Finding the Right Support: Choosing a Co-Managed IT Partner

Since 2002 KalioTek™ has specialized in providing IT and security teams to emerging and midsized life sciences and technology firm in the Bay Area. We provide a range of strategic planning and execution services on a flexible model that adapts to the dynamic needs of this market. We aim to become and ongoing extension of your team, adapting to whatever structure will best support your goals at any given time. For those looking for a strategic partner through all stages of growth, we welcome a conversation.

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