• Fully staffed IT+Security department with 20+ years of life sciences IT experience.
  • Compliance, security and stable IT are handled simultaneously and continuously.
  • Complete IT management provided by your own dedicated virtual IT +Security team.
  • Compliance of IT systems, policies, and procedures is part of our best practices.
  • Need someone to manage your day to day IT needs, but don’t want to hire a full time, on-site IT support employee?
  • With cybercrime on the rise, the importance of a proactive IT security plan cannot be overestimated.


Intruders are already behind your firewall. Now what?

The days of managing IT security with a firewall and anti-virus software are over. IT professionals must now blend modern security solutions and best practices into their everyday work without adding a lot of cost, yet most do not.

KalioTek™ focuses on securing your business network to ensure uninterrupted operations of your organization. This is our top priority.

Connect with our IT+Security operations team at +1 (408) 550-8000.

  • Eric Steuben, VP Operations Asante Solutions

    “We have been partnered with Kaliotek for over 8 years and they take care of everything IT.”

    “Even while going through FDA approval, we were able to work closely with Kaliotek to help ensure that all IT requirements were met and did not delay this critical process.”

  • Peter Van Vlasselaer, Founder & CEO Armo Biosciences

    “When I started ARMO, one of my first calls was to KalioTek™ to get our IT infrastructure set up.”

    “Having worked with them in my previous startup, I knew they could jump in and provide a cost effective solution to let my team focus on their core competencies and not worry about IT.”

    Peter Van Vlasselaer, Founder & CEO Armo Biosciences

  • Brian Minnie, VP IT Opes Advisors

    “With the constantly changing IT and regulatory compliance needs of our growing business with over 45 branches offices, we have come to rely on KalioTek™ as a trusted partner for IT expertise with flexible capacity.”

    “Even more valuable is the peace of mind I get from knowing I’m not at risk of two-week’s notice from my internal IT staff.”

  • Barrett Scott, CEO Stock Options and Solutions

    “We needed a partner who could blend expert IT security with ongoing IT services to keep our customers’ data safe and our staff productive.”

    “KalioTek™ has come through with flying colors, allowing us to focus on our business.”

    Barrett Scott, CEO Stock Options and Solutions

Love your IT and join our happy clients.

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KalioTek™ was founded by three industry survivors who have now worked together with emerging and midsize companies for over 20 years.

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