KalioTek is a leader in providing reliable IT support and security to emerging Bay Area companies. Our expertise covers IT leadership and planning, consulting, infrastructure, IT cloud management, and network security. KalioTek offers IT business solutions for managing the information, tools, and technology businesses need to succeed. Focus on growing your business, we'll take care of IT for you. KalioTek offers flexible access to IT expertise through every stage of growth so you can have peace of mind.


Have access to the ideal IT team that is flexible enough to meet all your needs. Tailor your extended team to your budget and IT needs. We'll provide the entire team, or blend in with your internal team to fill in gaps in expertise. Treat our team as an extension of your team -- we'll have your back.

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On-demand computing is rising in popularity and the costs are falling. Keep up with the quickly shifting tech landscape and take advantage of cloud computing. Automate your processes and save labor. We can provide you with experienced cloud architects to help you build and maintain a secure and scalable environment. KalioTek will cover all of your cloud computing needs. We'll take care of architecture, implementation, and support for all cloud and hybrid environments.  

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Data security is one of the primary concerns of any growing business. Support your business with skilled IT experts who will help you build a more secure network. KalioTek provides periodic security assessments in order to ensure sales and customer assurance. We'll make sure your data is safe, secure, and compliant. CISSP, CISA, QSA (PCI) certified. 

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