Meet Your Silicon Valley and Bay Area Technology Team

A Quality IT Team for Emerging Companies and Mid-Size Corporations

The best work gets done when you have a team in place that you can trust.  It takes time and experience to build the right team, and it doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve taken the time to build a strategic IT team with the skills to benefit serial entrepreneurs, emerging and midsize companies.

The utilization of technology is a vital part of your success.  That’s why choosing the right technology management partner is so crucial. The KalioTek team will provide you with the strategic IT advice and daily IT management that you need to scale up.

Who are the people who make up the KalioTek IT team?

We were founded by three industry survivors who have now worked together with emerging and midsize companies for over 20 years. We set out to build a professional family of consultants founded on long-term relationships – relationships within our team, with our customers, and with the seasoned industry professionals who refer us to their clients.

What can you expect when you hire the KalioTek IT team?

When you partner with KalioTek, you can expect:

  • Experience–KalioTek is a group of committed IT professionals. We’ve been around long enough to see hardware and software solutions come and go and to know how to operate on the cutting edge of the newest and the best-proven IT solutions for the enterprise.
  • High-Level IT Consultation – IT strategy must come first. Without a plan in place, your technology investments will be hit and miss at best. Our vCIO offering delivers the kind of executive level advice you require.
  • Strong Professional References—Our business has grown up to this point based entirely based on client referrals. We work hard for our clients, and our clients recommend us to others based on their satisfaction with the work we have done for them.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, our vibrant work ethic, and our solid reputation.

What are the services the KalioTek IT team can offer?

KalioTek is a comprehensive managed IT services company.  We pride ourselves on our ability to custom design an IT plan that fits your business AND your budget.

Among the services, the KalioTek IT professionals can offer your business are:

  • Complete IT management provided by your own dedicated virtual IT +Security team. From assessments and monitoring to proactive IT action plans, KalioTek’s technical management team can do it all for you.
  • Compliance of IT systems, policies, and procedures is part of our best practices. Whatever your industry, we know what you need to get and keep you compliant.
  • A complete Cyber-Security regimen is built into our managed services. With cybercrime on the rise, security is more important than ever before.  The KalioTek IT team of professionals has advanced security solutions to keep you protected and give you total peace of mind.
  • Our Service Desk is always available to solve your IT problems promptly and professionally while facilitating business processes such as onboarding, terminations, and IT procurement. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are available for you.
  • Monthly reporting, accountability, and strategic IT planning plays a critical role in our IT management strategy for financial services. Staying on top of your IT infrastructure on a daily basis helps us root out any potential downfalls in your systems.  This allows us to remedy and weaknesses before they become liabilities to your business.
  • Selection and implementation of messaging and collaboration tools make communication easier than ever before.  Whether it is VoIP technology or mobile solutions, we have the skills to provide the tools you need to keep your office workforce flexible and productive.
  • Data backup and recovery to keep your vital business assets secure no matter what. Accidents happen, and Mother Nature doesn’t always play nicely.  The KalioTek expert IT team can equip your office with data backup, storage, and recovery options to keep your data accessible to you regardless of what is going on in the world around you.
  • Our business continuity design and solutions will keep you running in the event of an emergency.
  • IT Vendor Management – we handle it all as your virtual team. We build relationships with a variety of vendors across many platforms to bring the best in technology to you.  We have no ties to any big tech giants.  This allows us to truly source what will work best for you and your business.

Your business needs an IT team worthy of the work you do.  KalioTek is that professional, trusted partner.

Ready to get started with the best technology management team in the Bay Area?  KalioTek has the skills you need and is ready to get to work for you.

KalioTek is the leading IT team proudly serving the Bay Area.

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