Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

Let KalioTek™ worry about IT compliance so your can focus on growing your business!

As a standard part of IT+Security managed services, KalioTek™’s team will make sure your company’s IT is ready to pass any compliance audit without concern.

We’ll answer the auditor’s questions and provide the evidence they need to demonstrate compliance of your IT systems and processes.

And, as your committed IT partner, we’ll keep it compliant as requirements change over time.

KalioTek™’s compliance expertise includes:

  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • ISO 270001
  • CCPA

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Whether your business is in life sciences, e-commerce, finance, or technology solutions, KalioTek™’s team of experts has decades of experience and can get and keep you compliant with the relevant regulations.

HIPAA Compliance Support

Since networks and applications are always changing, as are the capabilities of attackers, it is critical to making Penetration testing a periodic practice.

Penetration testing of networks and internet applications, both externally and internally, is required of organizations accepting payment cards for PCI Compliance. It is also an essential practice for any organization concerned about protecting its data, intellectual property, and business continuity.

KalioTek™ is an integrated IT Security and IT Solutions company working with emerging and midsize organizations to met their security needs, including complete PCI compliance services. As a security company with deep operational experience, we provide uniique value to our clients by recommending security solutions that are effective, yet practical.

Get and Stay HIPAA-Compliant for IT Requirements

HIPAA compliance is a serious business for any Life Sciences business dealing with personal health information.

IT system controls, stability, and security are a crucial part of this foundation. KalioTek™ is HIPAA compliant and builds these controls into our standard processes for all IT+Security Managed Services clients.

And, if you need help with the full range of HIPAA compliance beyond IT related requirements, we have relationships with nationally recognized HIPAA consultants with cost-effective legislative compliance solutions.

Relevant policies and procedures we implement in support of HIPAA compliance requirements include:

  • Security Policy/Acceptable Use Policy
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Procedure
  • Incident Management Procedure
  • Data Privacy Policy (PII/NPI)
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Internal/External Vulnerability Assessment Procedures
  • Physical Security/HR Procedures: security awareness training, background checks.
  • Standard Operating Procedures from Security Policy: backup, permission, password, applications.

KalioTek™ has expert knowledge of HIPAA compliance regulations and can streamline HIPAA protocols by enhancing the company’s current infrastructure and equipping it to meet all comliance legislation effectively.

Compliance requirements evolve and need regular review to ensure that you are meeting the standard set by the regulators. Expert knowledge of the implications of these is critical.

Did you know? 70% of entities audited by HHS fail to comply and run the risk of penalties and fines.

Let KalioTek™ assist you in maintaining HIPAA compliance (link)