KalioTek Also Provides IT Services for Non-IT Technical Firms in The Bay Area

Are you a technology company that needs a managed services provider to handle all your vendor management? In addition to all the other industries we serve with our IT management services, KalioTek also provides IT services for non-IT technical firms in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

We believe it takes constant learning, testing, and upgrading of our own knowledge-base to be the best IT company we can be. We also understand that you as a non-IT technical firm don’t live in that world, so that calls for more integration and implementation of more advanced tools, technologies, and high standards of quality and performance – both for us and your network infrastructure.

We come to the table fully cognizant of what it takes for you to be effective and competitive in today’s business world and IT industry as non-IT-oriented entities.

And, we translate our own wisdom on the subject over to you, the client. In this case, providing IT services for non-IT technical firms in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area.

Let’s break-down for you the heart of what we can do for non-IT technical firms:

  • We’re your fully staffed IT Security department with 20+ years of life sciences IT experience – all for an affordable monthly fee
  • HIPAA and FDA compliance for IT are built into our standard IT management processes. GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield are also covered.
  • Compliance, security and stable IT are handled simultaneously and continuously.
  • We prevent cyberattacks and data breaches by implementing industry-leading CIS and NIST security standards.
  • Around the clock, IT support from our Service Desk and on-site consultants will keep your highly-paid employees productive.
  • Proactive planning with competent IT Director and security consultants is included in our standard processes.
  • You get 24×7, monitoring, support, and maintenance of complex IT environments, along with efficient management of large datasets.
  • Data encryption and advanced backup and recovery options.
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools for maximum employee efficiency.

Need an IT Team in the Silicon Valley & The Bay Area to Provide Data Security Assurance?

Because security is at the top of every organization’s list of priorities, we want to discuss it for a second.

It seems that keeping up with the latest in IT trends and software is a full-time job.  There are never-ending updates to complete and new applications learn.  You’re stretched to the limit, yet there is more to consider.  Disasters – large or small – can strike at any time.  Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan or full Business Continuity Strategy to ensure your data security?

With cybercrime on the rise and cyber-predators craftier than ever, it’s important to have a proactive IT security solution in place.   It’s also best to leave cybersecurity strategy to the professionals.

Do You Have IT Services Non-IT Technical Firms in The Bay Area Can Trust?

At first glance, it may seem that data security is something you can manage on your own.  But cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, and the times when you could get away with installing an off-the-shelf antivirus for your company are long past.  The entry portals used by cyber-crime syndicates to enter your systems are not easy for the average businessperson to detect.

Partnering with an IT firm specializing in non-IT tech companies for data security, recovery, restoration, and disaster avoidance planning can be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make to assure the longevity of your business.

But there is more to consider than just your security needs.  Are you prepared in the event of a disaster?  Accidents happen, and Mother Nature doesn’t always play nicely.  If the power were to go down in your area, what would happen?   Could you access the data you need?

Being prepared is the key to continued business productivity.  You need to know that no matter what is going on around you, your business can keep ticking along as it does every other day of the week.  You can have this assurance through a partnership with a quality IT firm like KalioTek.

That’s why our IT support services for non-IT technical firms in the Bay Area also include:

  • Providing high-risk industries the IT solutions they require;
  • Cloud solutions like storage, software, computing solutions;
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite support;
  • IT consulting for all business sectors, including non-profits;
  • Web systems and Infrastructure solutions;
  • Project management and data center planning;
  • Data and network security that counteracts malware, ransomware, and other cyber exploits, and assures compliance.

We enjoy testing new models of IT performance, in order to meet security threats and other adversities head-on with the best expertise in the IT industry fueling us. The world of information technology is always changing, shifting like the sands of time, so we have to meet each new day’s challenge with all of the tools available to be able to offer the best IT services for non-IT technical firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Because IT management services are also something we specialize in, we have to be sharp, responsive, and super-aware of both your specific needs as well as shifting IT trends. This – plus our strategic partnerships with tech-giants like Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, and Cisco – allows us to bring the best solutions to bear for our client base, and it also keeps us on our toes, ever-cognizant of change in the IT world.

The Right IT Services for Your Non-IT Technical Firm in San Francisco Are Here!

Choosing an IT solution for your company can be a risky decision – but KalioTek makes it an easy one for those without a lot of IT-based expertise.

Your employee productivity, data security, and reputation are at stake. Do you hire full-time employees who are dedicated but limited in capacity and skill, an individual contractor or two, or find a full-service IT firm that can help you grow?

For most emerging and midsize companies, the choice is becoming clear: Finding a long-term partner with full capabilities provides stability, access to a broad range of skills, and the ability to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges in your business.

The KalioTek team provides the widest range possible of IT services for non-IT technical firms in the Silicon Valley & Bay Area ecosystem.  What we really deliver is peace of mind for business executives who want to know this domain is being handled by a competent professional team, allowing them to focus on their business priorities.

And, where providing IT services for non-IT technical firms in the SF Bay Area are concerned, we understand that it means a lot.

Ready to Go?

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