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It’s the world’s most popular business communications productivity platform. You want to utilize it in ways that will bring out the best in your business model and processes. For these reasons and more, you need Microsoft Office 365 migration and ongoing consultancy that can advise you throughout all stages of utility – beginning, middle, and unlimited possibilities and potential!

KalioTek is the trusted Office 365 experts who can answer any question you may have about this global business productivity platform. Here’s how.

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Why You Need Office 365 Migration Services That Can Handle a Seamless Transition.

Whether you need to migrate your IT network to Microsoft Office 365, or are already using it and need reliable consultancy, we can help. You need a timely and smooth transition of your email and project management to the popular Microsoft platform – but, do you have the right Office 365 migration services to handle the job?

We can help you not only transition smoothly with a quick and seamless migration to Office 365, but we can also help you custom-build and master your use of MS Office 365. Whether you are converting one mailbox for personal use or performing an enterprise-wide migration, the KalioTek IT experts can migrate all your email data (messages, calendars, address books, tasks, archives) in one swift and seamless maneuver.

With our Office 365 migration services, your business data platforms get enhanced overnight, with compatibility across cloud-based and remote desktops, virtualized environments, and mobile access. Basically, you get to syndicate your project collaboration capabilities throughout the Office 365 suite – and, you get ongoing support for all eventualities down the road throughout your use of Office 365.

Cloud computing is building the mid-size to large enterprises of today.

Part of the movement to the cloud is driven by the clear advantages offered to businesses of all sizes by Microsoft’s cloud-based office productivity software, Migration to Office 365 has provided business leaders and their employees with the ability work from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device.

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We Help Make Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Simple!

Along with the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Office 365 offers Outlook – one of the most flexible and powerful email management solutions out there. Outlook is a versatile alternative to traditional on-premise email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes.

You’re probably already aware that Office 365 includes:

Email services from the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange Service

Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange 2016 boasts a smarter inbox to help you sort email, a simplified architecture, security/compliance attributes in conjunction with enhanced collaboration and mobile productivity functionality,

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a document management and collaboration system that is browser-based. It enables your company to set up secure spaces for document sharing.

Microsoft Office Professional

Office 365 Professional includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

What you may not know is that the KalioTek team can help you become even more productive with Office 365 by optimizing it to your workflow and integrating its functionality into other applications that you have in use.

Is Microsoft Office 365 right for your business?

If you’re likely nearly everyone else, you’re already using Microsoft products, and answer this question with a resounding “Yes!”. It’s no surprise – Microsoft has leveraged its outstanding office productivity applications within the marketplace to gain a high trust rating with businesses just like yours.

So, it’s fairly certain that you not only use Microsoft products, you also trust them with the workflow of your business – and you have for years.

Having established that you use and trust Microsoft products, the natural follow up question is, “Which ones will work best for your specific applications?”

Well, you should look seriously at Office 365 if you want:

  • To avoid the high cost of an Exchange server;
  • To get away from up-front capital equipment and license costs;
  • To be able to predict and budget your software costs;
  • To have the flexibility to scale up and down depending on demand, business growth, or season;
  • Geo-redundancy, security, and disaster recovery capability for your workflow;
  • Automatic upgrades that ensure security and accessibility;
  • Fewer passwords and Office 365’s single sign-on appeals to you.

But Microsoft Office 365 is not just for the small business that wants to simplify their IT infrastructure, maintenance, and budgeting. It’s also ideal for mid-size to large corporations that recognize the advantages of moving to the cloud.  Office 365 is the leading office productivity software solution available for enterprise today.

What are the advantages of an Office 365 migration?

  • Cost effectivity – You can say goodbye to costly, upfront IT investments.
  • Affordable monthly payments – Office 365 provides a monthly subscription for those who are looking for the latest Microsoft Office solutions.
  • Add-on advanced office productivity features – For a few dollars per month per employee, Microsoft provides email services, communication services, and even document sharing and collaboration.
  • Simplified migration servicesKalioTek provides consulting and support. We take the difficulty out of implementing this new Office 365 email platform by offering Office 365 email migrations.

To put it simply, we move your email services from any other email platform including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Google Apps to Office 365 without disrupting your ongoing workflow.

Ready to migrate your existing systems to Office 365? We can help with:

  • Migrations from on-site Microsoft Exchange, Google, and other email systems to Office 365;
  • New Office 365 email implementations;
  • Azure AD Sync;
  • SharePoint Setup;
  • Skype for Business with voice implementations;
  • Hybrid configurations with on-premises Microsoft Exchange.

Whether you are a small business looking for a simple solution to your office productivity and mobile collaboration requirements or you are a multinational corporation that needs a robust platform with deep, customizable functionality, an Office 365 migration and ongoing consultation from KalioTek fit the bill.

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