Who is your Managed Security Partner?

Cybercrime is an automated, sophisticated, professional enterprise and an unyielding threat to every business. The answer to these troubling realities is managed security.

IT skills and Managed Security skills are different and in-house operational IT teams do not manage security well. Managed security services from KalioTek™ will fill the gap. We can blend these services in our IT+Security Managed Services or provide them separately as Managed Security Services, working with your internal IT team.

KalioTek™ delivers the Managed Security Services that Protect You!

  • 84% of cyber attacks could be prevented by five security controls, and that these are not typically handled by IT?
  • 80% of breaches involve stolen or weak credentials?
  • Small and emerging businesses are most at risk with 2/3 of the attacks?

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Your cybersecurity program will contain key components mandated by CIS and NIST security regimens:
  1. Educate – business leaders and teams
  2. Protect – create a plan, implement controls
  3. Monitor – account changes, security logs…
  4. Measure – progress against plan, compliance to controls

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How Secure Is Your Business Network?

Since networks and applications are always changing, as are the capabilities of the attackers, it is critical to making Penetration testing a periodic practice.

Penetration testing of networks and internet applications, both externally and internally, is required of organizations accepting payment cards for PCI compliance. It is also an essential practice for any organization concerned with protecting its data, intellectual property, and business continuity.

KalioTek™ is an integrated IT Security and IT Solutions company working with emerging and midsize organizations to meet their security needs, including complete PCI compliance services. As a security company with deep operational IT experience, we provide unique value to our clients by recommending security solutions that are effective, yet practical.

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Security Consulting

Companies need to make an assessment of their IT capabilities at important transition points to be confident of their stability.

The KalioTek™ Rapid IT+Security Consulting provides “Peace of Mind” that your technology investments are secure, working as designed and employees remain efficient.

  • Review IT and security capabilities to support current and future business objectives

  • Risk assessment of current infrastructure

  • Understand current IT policies and procedures

  • Provide gap analysis and needed capabilities to address future business objectives

Group analysis of digital data

A well-timed breakdown in your IT security, email, or network could hurt you when you are most vulnerable.

Don’t put your businesses at risk. Using proven methodologies, tools, and templates to minimize the cost, KalioTek will present a detailed report with our prioritized recommendations to provide effective security practices and policies.

Partner with KalioTek™ now for total IT Security confidence and freedom from worry. Contact us at sales@kaliotek.com