Do Your Employees Love Macs But Live In The Microsoft World?

The Story Of An Interim CFO Company Seeking IT Support.

Technology is maybe the only place you can live in two worlds and get away with it. But to do so takes high-level IT strategy, implementation, and management.

Apple and Microsoft devices can co-exist peacefully within the same business, but you have to have the right setup and IT professionals on your side that know what they are doing.

When We Were Kids, Living In Two Worlds Was Easy.

We could use our imagination and live in any reality that we could dream up in our little creative minds. A blanket was transformed into a cape, and we lived in the land of Marvel superheroes, and a blanket stretched over a table became our castle to defend.

It’s not as easy to get the worlds of Apple and Microsoft to co-exist peacefully in one business reality.

That’s what a local company specializing in controllers and interim CFO supply found out.

They knew that things weren’t working quite right, but until they called the strategic IT consultants at KalioTek, they really didn’t understand the extent of the mess they had unintentionally created or the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that existed.

It All Started On A Day Back In June.

It was a Tuesday. A few employees had come in late, but other than that, everything seemed to be pretty normal.

Then it happened.

Something – they had no idea what – caused a cascading effect throughout their network, slowing any data transfer to a frustrating snail’s pace.

Sure, they had been experiencing glitches and what seemed like minor computer-use inconveniences for a while, but they ignored it – assuming this was normal.

After all, many in the company were Mac people that were trying to use their Macs like Windows machines – so some computer “quirks” were expected.

But when the entire network went into “slowdown mode,” they decided that it was time to call in the IT support professionals.

They wanted the KalioTek team to find the slowdown issue and fix it – but there was more. They decided that while KalioTek was here, they’d talk with them about five other IT priorities.

  • Making sure their systems were secure
  • Enabling simple, secure file-sharing and collaboration
  • Implementing virtualization that allows Macs to work like Windows machines
  • Evaluating the systems to see if there’s a way to automate some manual input processes between Microsoft Office 365, spreadsheets, and QuickBooks
  • Providing the Interim CFO company with a reliable IT help desk solution

The Initial Conversations With The KalioTek IT Support Team Went Very Well.

When the leadership of the Interim CFO company called KalioTek, technicians were dispatched that same day to remediate the issue that was slowing their network traffic.

Once the KalioTekTM team had dealt with that immediate IT problem, there was space to begin a conversation about the client company’s IT questions and the five IT priorities that they had recognized internally.

Those conversations with KalioTek led the Interim CFO company to realize several things.

  1. To continue the hybrid Mac/PC approach, they needed an IT support team on their side.
  2. If they wanted to operate efficiently, they would need to partner with a team like KalioTekTM on a continual basis.
  3. Their operational cybersecurity was worth the investment they would have to make in IT support.
  4. They could leverage KalioTek IT managed services and get all the IT management, maintenance, and monitoring they needed for a monthly, budgeted payment.

The concept of continual, proactive, outsourced IT service was a new one to the Interim CFO company’s leadership. Until then, they had been weighing the pros and cons of putting a break/fix IT contractor on retainer or hiring their own in-house IT employees.

A partnership with KalioTek would get them out of their current IT mess and give them an entire team of outsourced IT professionals acting as their in-house IT department.

This arrangement made sense for their company both from a financial and a human resources perspective.

Another reason this “outsourced IT team” concept made sense to the Interim CFO company was that the outsourced consultant model was a central pillar of their own business and they understood the value and potential of this service model.

Back On Track And Running More Efficiently Than Ever!

Now – several months after network glitches forced the Interim CFO company to consider its IT support options and reach out to KalioTek – their IT is running like Formula 1 race car.

Fast. Efficient. Maintained. Collaborative.

With the network issue repaired, the KalioTek team turned their attention to the other IT priorities of the Interim CFO company.

  1. KalioTek implemented a cybersecurity strategy and protocols to protect the company while doing business online.
  2. KalioTek set up a collaborative file-sharing system that allowed the client’s employees to edit documents from any device and from any location simultaneously.
  3. KalioTek put together a virtualization system that helped the Mac users get the Windows applications and experience they needed without sacrificing the Apple features that they loved.
  4. KalioTek integrated systems and applications to avoid needless hours of manual data input.
  5. KalioTek gave the Interim CFO company a 24/7 Help Desk – to get answers to all their tech questions and fast response to IT issues that impacted company performance.

A Company With Operational Confidence

When your IT system isn’t working quite right, you and your staff are a little timid about how and when you use your technology. But when you know that the company IT is working at its best and is being maintained by an entire team of IT professionals, you can work, communicate, and collaborate with confidence online.

This is the operational confidence that KalioTek gave to their new client. Without the “Is the computer going to do what I want it to do?” worries, the employees at the Interim CFO company were able to push forward with the daily work and pro-growth organizational objectives.

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