How KalioTek Helped A Life Science Company Complete Its IPO And Profit In A Big Way!

A leading-edge life sciences company in the Bay Area completed its 5-year journey from startup to IPO. KalioTek helped them prepare their IT security and compliance for this great accomplishment.

The Result Of The IPO?

The company tripled their stock price! Now that is an accomplishment!

Here’s what transpired:

In early 2018 our life sciences client with leading-edge immuno-therapy technology completed its IPO and saw its stock price triple on the first day of trading!

KalioTekĀ had been their sole IT team since setting up their initial office in 2013. In fact, the founding CEO had been our client in a previous startup that achieved a highly successful acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company.

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KalioTek Ensured The Company’s IT Security Along The Way

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of this story is how uneventful the IPO was for the company’s IT and security systems.

What do I mean?

Because we took such care to build the appropriate systems, controls, and processes along the way, there was no great effort or cost in these areas to prepare them to be a publicly traded company.

They Now Had The Funds To Grow Exponentially

The IPO funds the company acquired built significant growth for them. They could now build a larger facility in preparation of tripling their employee headcount in the coming year.

Because KalioTek was there along the way, preparation from an IT and security perspective was a non-event.


Because we ensured critical business applications were implemented in the Cloud, and security-minded processes and procedures were put in place as a matter of course.

Some of the steps we took:

  • Email and office applications were set up on Microsoft Office 365. This provided a secure cloud-based email and file repository.
  • Implementation of a cloud-based phone system (8×8) to ensure seamless connectivity to their employees, customers, and applications. This improved their business performance.
  • Encryption of all their computers. (BitLocker)
  • Two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and a Software-Defined Wireless Area Network (Velocloud) configured to link locations and provide cost-effective network redundancy and reliability.
  • A backup appliance (Axcient) that provided disk-to-disk-to-cloud data backup that enabled full Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity required for compliance. It launched virtual server images in the Cloud and on-demand for enhanced access to data when they needed it.
  • A secure cloud-based Single-Sign-On Solution (Okta) that enabled quick set up or termination of user accounts on numerous business systems with the click of a button.
  • A cloud-based Quality Management System (MasterControl) to manage quality and compliance.

Not only was the IPO preparation simplified, but by wisely implementing systems with foresight, the life-sciences company enjoyed robust information technology and security along their entire journey. And, at a lower cost than a less-thoughtful approach.

The End Result?

Because they were able to go public with their IPO, our client’s business was purchased for $1.6B by a major pharmaceutical company!

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