Service Desk & IT Support Services

Get direct access to an IT support person who can promptly solve your problem! Get complete IT support from KalioTek’s Service Desk.

Tired of getting shuffled to different people and waiting to get the IT help you need?

Immediate IT support and fast resolution to user issues are the where the rubber meets the road in IT.  Often considered the bottom tier of IT, it is actually the most important component of any IT provider’s service –the part that directly determines your employees’ productivity every day. We’ve invested to make this service truly differentiated. Just ask our customers! Service Desk is a critical component of KalioTek’s complete IT+Security Managed Services.

What makes KalioTek’s Service Desk  different than a helpdesk

KalioTek’s Service Desk is not a helpdesk staffed with messengers who send someone else to solve your problem later.  It’s staffed with skilled IT engineers who know your company’s IT and can solve your problem promptly!

And that’s not all.  In addition to daily IT support, KalioTek’s Service Desk is your single point of contact for immediate action on all tactical IT requests and information, including:

  • Cloud Services (requests to add/modify/delete users or services)
  • Security – we monitor security threats and manage any incidents
  • Monitoring your network, servers and services 24×7 and managing alerts
  • Ensuring that backups are completed and tested
  • Supporting your systems with updates and configuration changes
  • Root cause analysis on ticket trends to reduce tickets
  • Ownership of fully documented IT Operations Runbook
  • Initiate business processes (new hires, terminations, IT procurement, etc.)
  • Requests to initiate projects

With IT support from KalioTek, all you have to do to get the help you need is pick up the phone or send an email!

Your employees can focus on growing your business!

What does KalioTek Service Desk Support Look Like?

  • Service Desk Support is Unlimited–We track all IT requests and resolve end-user issues reported by phone, email, or web-based system.  Service Desk engineers are local to the Bay Area and have access to detailed documentation on your company’s IT environment. Our Service Desk team is constantly innovating to produce Customer Delight, not just satisfaction.
  • Remote support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week through a toll-free number or email/web, with after-hours escalation process for emergencies.  90%+ calls are answered live.  Non-emergency phone messages are returned within one hour.  Email tickets submitted by 4 pm will be addressed (by a human) before 6 pm.
  • Emergency response is immediate during business hours and within 1 hour after normal business hours,365 days a year.
  • Severity levels and escalation procedures are defined during implementation based on your company’s specific needs.
  • Remote support tools allow us to assume control over user machines (when granted) for support purposes. This remote tool can also provide support for unattended access (when needed).

How do we deliver the best IT support for your company?

We’re glad you asked!

Service Desk requests can be initiated by our clients by calling or sending an email.Or, log in to the online support portal to check the status of all your requests.

A qualified IT engineer will answer your call and resolve most issues on the spot.

Our response time guarantees aren’t just best efforts.  We make specific promises in our Service Level Agreement that you can hold us to.  Our IT Director consultant will report Service Desk metrics to your management team monthly and be accountable for results!

It’s that simple!

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