Streamline your workflow with optimized collaboration tools!

Want your employees to be able to get more done?

Tired of dealing with outdated file sharing options like email and shared network drives?

Sick of trying to figure out which version of the file is the most recent version, and wondering who has access to what?

Frustrated with the “not my fault” blame game when employees fail to collaborate?

You’re not alone.

Fortunately, KalioTek has a range of collaboration solutions that will get your workflow back on track!

Get high-impact collaboration tools for your business at an easily budgeted price!

You already know that you don’t need some massive, on-premise file sharing solution. Sure, they have their place, but it’s not the solution you are looking to use.

You want something that is cost-effective, secure, and flexible enough to be used from anywhere your work takes you.

The KalioTek team sources collaboration tools from the best in the industry to bring you the easiest and most efficient options available.

We implement, configure, and maintain secure collaboration environments utilizing outstanding products such as:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • G-Suite
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte

Need an even higher level of collaborative capability?

No problem!

Our team has the skills you need to integrate your diverse software, hardware, and cloud assets, so each member of your team has secure access to the moving parts of your data that they need.

This approach to working together gives your business the competitive advantages of speed and geographic flexibility.

Do you need to give your clients access to certain documents, spreadsheets, and databases?

Consumer-grade file sharing systems don’t give your business the file tracking and security that modern customers demand and that many regulatory bodies require.

Our team will help you choose from a carefully curated selection of business-class collaboration tools – giving you the solution you need for now and the room for growth you require for later.

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