IT Services & Cyber Security For The Financial Services Industry

Is Your Financial Services Business Secure, Compliant, and Benefiting from the Latest Tech Advances?

If you’re looking for a high standard of professionalism combined with the expertise to give security and stability to your IT environment while enabling your growth plans, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been serving companies just like yours for a long time, and we’ve discovered that the majority of Financial Services and Fintech firms have three things in common.

  • You want to keep your co-workers productive in order to win new business and keep your hard-won clients satisfied.
  • You must be compliant with regulatory requirements — GLBA, SEC, PCI, GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield, etc. — while technology that puts you at risk continues to change at light speed.
  • A breach of your clients’ data means loss of reputation, clients, and stiff regulatory fines.

These are critical issues, and your firm wants to stay ahead of the curve on them.

Here’s the question…

You Need A Complete IT Services + Cyber Security Solution

Do you have the right IT foundation and Financial Services IT support team to support your growth while being secure and compliant?

Many businesses are paying more than necessary for disjointed IT, security, and compliance (please link to new compliance page) while still suffering with IT breakdowns, sluggish systems, and lost productivity.

That’s not all – many emerging and mid-size financial firms suffer data breaches each year, causing irreparable harm to the business and their clients.

The KalioTek IT+Security team wants to change all that for your business!

Wouldn’t it be better to hire one technical support for finance firm with the competence to handle IT compliance, security, and IT services all at once?

KalioTek leverages proven technology solutions and processes from our 20+ years of service to Bay Area Fintech and Financial Services companies to provide stable IT performance, secure data, and to take care of all IT-related compliance issues.

We provide our entire suite of services spanning IT, cyber-security, and IT compliance for an affordable monthly fee.

  • Complete IT management provided by your own dedicated virtual IT +Security team.
  • Compliance of IT systems, policies, and procedures is part of our best practices.
  • A complete Cyber-Security regimen is built into our managed services.
  • Our Service Desk is always available to solve your IT problems promptly and professionally while facilitating business processes such as onboarding, terminations, and IT procurement.
  • Monthly reporting, accountability, and strategic IT planning plays a critical role in our IT management strategy for Financial Services.
  • Selection and implementation of messaging and collaboration tools make communication easier than ever before.
  • Data backup and recovery to keep your vital business assets secure no matter what.
  • Our business continuity design and solutions will keep you running in the event of an emergency.
  • IT Vendor Management – we handle it all as your virtual team.

So, now you are asking yourself, “Sounds great! But…”

What is this complete IT solution going to cost my Financial Services business?

Less than you may think. A predictable monthly fee will cover all your needs.

Most firms with 50-250 employees will find our virtual team more cost-effective than hiring internal IT staff.

Financial Services and Fintech firms with 250-500 employees often need dedicated internal staff but cannot afford all the skills required for today’s IT and security challenges. KalioTek’s blended model provides the best of both worlds by complementing your team with the missing skillsets and capacity that you need to achieve real success. We bring our fully baked policies, procedures, and tools to the table to produce a complete IT+Security solution.  We are the Bay Area’s comprehensive IT for Financial Services team.

Why should you contact and partner with KalioTek for your IT for Financial Services needs?

Simply put, we’ve been supporting Bay Area-centered emerging and mid-size firms for over two decades. We are a boutique, high-value IT and security consulting firm – not an IT support franchise or a tiny operator with no depth or accountability.

Many of our clients have brought us along as they move to new firms or start new businesses. We’re part of their professional network and an ongoing extension of their team. Our history and client references demonstrate that we can provide stability and peace of mind to business owners and executives.

KalioTek’s representative clients in Financial Services range from consulting groups to venture-funded Fintech firms to larger organizations with more than 40 branches around the western U.S.

Representative Financial Services and Fintech Clients:

What’s standing in your way from getting started with KalioTek for IT for Financial Services?

KalioTek is your full service IT company specializing in technical support for finance.  We “get” your industry, and we are ready to get to work for you!

To find out what KalioTek can do for your business, contact us.  One short conversation will determine if we are a good fit. Give us a call now at {phone} or send an email to {email}.

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