Thinly-stretched employees of emerging and midsize companies often suffer from interruptions caused by inadequate IT systems and support. If you think you have to live with this because you don’t have the budget for professionally managed IT, think again. KalioTek provides professionally managed support, planning, and project execution that fits your budget.

People, Processes, and Tools

Stable, well-managed IT is about having the right people, processes, and tools in place. Best practices for emerging and midsize companies are different from those for small businesses or larger enterprises. We understand your unique needs and help your company plan for the future, including the adoption of cost-effective cloud computing resources, while keeping your IT systems performing and your employees productive. The KalioTek Advantage represents decades of experience in delivering affordable results, married to the latest in on-demand capabilities, to growing companies.

How Do You Know If You Have Professionally Managed IT?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may not be getting all that you deserve:

  • Are you leveraging appropriate cloud computing technologies instead of continuing to buy on-premise hardware and software?
  • Are your critical systems monitored around the clock, with prompt response to issues?
  • Are your business users productive with the level of IT support they are getting?
  • Is your data being backed up regularly? Are you sure?
  • Are your IT resources responsive to user requests with a great customer service attitude?
  • Is your IT reactive, or do you get forward-looking advice appropriate for your business needs?
  • Do you have a written IT plan that is updated regularly?
  • Are projects finished on time and within budget?
  • Do you have people with the right IT skills, or are they learning on your dime?
  • Do you receive regular reports on the performance and capacity of your systems, network and helpdesk issues?