IT Compliance & IT Security: California Life Science Industry

Want A Triple-Win For Your Life Sciences Business In California?

How To Get IT Compliance, Security & Smooth-Running Technology All At Once

Whether your life sciences company is just starting out, you’ve been in business for decades, you plan on being acquired, or you’re going to make an initial stock offering, you need IT that’s compliant, secure and smooth-running. If your network isn’t secure and compliant, it could stop a sale or shipment of a product and ruin your reputation.

Why Do You Need Compliant, Secure & Smooth-Running Technology?

The problem…

The odds are stacked against you – IT risks and breakdowns abound. Technology that’s not compliant, secure and smooth-running creates operational execution issues that impede your productivity and ability to reach milestones or receive funding.

Company executives hear the horror stories and understand the concerns, but often don’t know exactly what matters, where to start or how to address the concerns cost-effectively. They can easily get frozen in inaction.

If you are using a reactionary approach to IT management, you’re wasting money tackling issues in disjointed pieces. The challenge is to anticipate and plan in advance so that IT compliance, security and reliability are business enablers.

Unfortunately, it’s typically only when a biotech, life sciences or medical device company has an IT event that they realize how important compliant, secure and smooth-running technology is. They panic when they go through a compliance exercise and find out that their IT isn’t secure or compliant.

They panic when:

  • They have an IT security event.
  • They need smooth-running technology to go to market.
  • They need to prove to a client that their IT is HIPAA compliant or complies with CCPA, FDA, GDBR or other regulations.
  • They are merging with another company or driving for an IPO and they don’t have the smooth-running, secure and compliant technology that’s required.

The problem is that they weren’t prepared with a proactive approach to IT management. Instead, they’ve been treating IT operations, compliance and security as separate concerns with different owners, budgets and timeframes. They get behind the curve and productivity suffers as they struggle to catch up. Time and money are wasted, and opportunities like sales and partnerships are missed.

  • IT operations, compliance and security are treated as different concerns, with different owners, different budgets and different timeframes.
  • Productivity suffers when you get behind the curve.
  • Time and money are wasted.
  • Opportunities are missed (sales, partnerships).

How Do You Get IT Compliance, Security & Smooth-Running Technology All At Once?

IT Compliance and Security requirements have much in common and can be built at the same time as you build your IT capabilities. When you implement the right IT Plan, you can enjoy the benefits of secure, compliant, well-designed operations through all stages of The Plan.

Here’s what we mean…

To implement the right IT Plan, you need a Managed IT Service partner who specializes in IT service and security for life science, biotech and medical device companies. One who can provide:

  • Data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Automated Inventories for hardware and software
  • New hire, termination processes
  • IT Security policies
  • Business affiliate vetting and selection
  • A Cloud services selection and test
  • Process documentation
  • Established internal audit practices
  • Log management
  • Password policies and change process
  • Controlled access privileges
  • Automatic Patch/update processes
  • Backups, Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity processes and tools
  • Anti-virus/malware protection
  • Centralized file storage and organization
  • A System configuration standards/process
  • A Secure network/wireless architecture

If you work with a provider who understands this and has the right expertise, and you follow the right IT Plan, you won’t waste money and time building the future in disjointed ad-hoc pieces that need to be fixed later.

What’s The End Benefit Of IT Compliance, Security & Smooth-Running Technology?

A Triple Win!

When it’s time for that IPO, merger or acquisition, you’ll be ready.

The following is an example of what we’re talking about…

In early 2018, our life sciences client in the Bay Area with leading-edge immunotherapy technology completed its IPO and saw its stock price triple on the first day of trading!

They had completed their 5-year journey from startup to IPO. We helped them prepare their IT security and compliance for this great accomplishment.

We had been their sole IT team since setting up their initial office in 2013. In fact, the founding CEO had been our client in a previous startup that achieved a highly successful acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company.

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of this story is how uneventful the IPO was for the company’s IT and security systems…

Because we took such care to build the appropriate systems, controls, and processes along the way, there was no great effort or cost in these areas to prepare them to be a publicly traded company.

And because we were there along the way, preparation from an IT and security perspective was a non-event. We ensured critical business applications were implemented in the Cloud, and security-minded processes and procedures were put in place as a matter of course.

They were able to go public with their IPO, and their business was purchased for $1.6B by a major pharmaceutical company!

Our life sciences client had a triple win due to the IT Compliance, Security & Smooth-Running Technology we provided:

1. They successfully and painlessly completed their IPO.

2. They saw their stock price triple on the first day of trading.

3. They were purchased for $1.6B by a major pharmaceutical company!

Want A Triple-Win For Your Life Sciences, Biotech or Medical Device Business In California?

With IT Compliance, Security & Smooth-Running Technology your IPO, merger or acquisition preparation can be simplified by wisely implementing IT systems and processes with foresight. And you can enjoy robust IT and security along the entire journey at a lower cost than using a less thoughtful approach.

KalioTek has the experience and knowledge to do the same for you. We specialize in IT+ Security for life science, biotech and medical device companies. Contact us to learn how we can help your business in Silicon Valley.

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