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The Right IT Support and IT Security partner for Your Business!

Choosing an IT solution for your company can be a risky decision. 

Your employee productivity, data security, and reputation are at stake. Do you hire full-time employees who are dedicated but limited in capacity and skill, an individual contractor or two, or find a full-service firm that can help you grow?

For most emerging and midsize companies, the choice is becoming clear.  Finding a long-term partner with full capabilities provides stability, access to a broad range of skills, and the ability to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges in your business.

The KalioTek team provides a range of services tailored to our dynamic Bay Area ecosystem.  What we really deliver is peace of mind for business executives who want to know this domain is being handled by a competent professional team, allowing them to focus on their business priorities.

How does KalioTek deliver?

KalioTek is a complete IT+Security services firm tuned to the needs of Bay Area emerging and midsize companies. We deliver our services in the following ways:

  • IT+Security managed services– full, proactive planning, 24×7 support and maintenance of IT infrastructure, cloud services, IT users and IT security program – all for an affordable monthly fee. Regulatory compliance is built into our ongoing processes.
  • Managed Security Services  – for companies with internal IT resources, we provide separation of duties to plan, implement, manage and monitor a cost-effective security program to keep your data and systems safe from attack.
  • Service Desk – an integral part of our managed services is distinguished from traditional “Helpdesk” offerings. Our Service Desk is staffed by competent IT engineers who can solve problems on the spot, and manage business process and security issues in real time.
  • IT Consulting Services  – Consulting projects to select and implement IT and IT security solutions, whether cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid.

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