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Get And Stay HIPAA-Compliant For IT Requirements

You know that HIPAA compliance is a critical foundation for any Life Sciences business dealing with personal health information.  Medical technology, pharmaceutical, and therapy companies collecting patient data are required to be compliant in addition to medical providers. Penalties for violations can be severe, and enforcement is escalating.   Did you also know that you are also responsible for the compliance of “business associates” who may have access to sensitive data or systems, including your IT services provider?  HIPAA compliance is serious business.

IT system controls, stability, and security are a key part of this foundation.  KalioTek is HIPAA compliant and builds these controls into our standard processes for all IT+Security Managed Services clients.  And, if you need help with the full range of HIPAA compliance beyond IT related requirements, we have relationships with nationally recognized HIPAA consultants with cost-effective legislative compliance solutions.

If you’re an early stage company, you can wait to get compliant until absolutely necessary, or you can put in all appropriate IT controls and processes now at no extra cost.

If you’re already an established provider, we can take the burden of maintaining the evolving IT requirements for HIPAA and other compliance regimens off your staff while we provide excellent technical support services.

How does KalioTek support HIPAA compliance with IT+Security Managed Services?

Relevant policies and procedures we implement in support of HIPAA compliance requirements include:

  • Security Policy/Acceptable Use Policy
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Procedure
  • Incident Management Procedure
  • Data Privacy Policy (PII/NPI)
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Internal/External Vulnerability Assessment Procedures
  • Physical Security/HR Procedures: security awareness training, background checks, etc.
  • Standard  Operating Procedures from Security Policy: backup, permission, password, applications, etc.

What is HIPAA compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, most commonly referred to simply as HIPAA was enacted by the United States Congress in 1996, and is now the official code of conduct for all health care related entities in the United States.  Under this act, you are required to adhere to established HIPAA protocols for the transmission of electronic health care transactions and management of patient data.

HIPAA is an act championed during the presidency of President Bill Clinton. The act itself, at its heart, is two-pronged.  Title I of HIPAA is directed at the protection and continuation of health insurance benefits for workers and their families in the event of job loss or transition to a new position.

Title II focuses on the implementation of compliance standards for the health care industry as a whole.

Under Title II of the HIPAA act, all healthcare organizations are required to adhere to established HIPAA protocols for the transmission of electronic health care transactions.  In addition to this, HIPAA has enacted standards to identify health insurance providers, their plans, and employers making use of these tools through easily recognizable national monikers (known as National Provider Identifiers).  This particular section of the act, known as Administrative Simplification, is a series of provisions to streamline the processing of health care related data efficiently and in a time sensitive manner as well as to address previous issues with fraud and abuses within the existing infrastructure.  Title II details penalties for violations of HIPAA statutes which potentially include civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Who needs to comply with HIPAA compliance standards?

The rules and regulations of HIPAA apply to what the HIPAA act and HHS (the Department of Health and Human Services) describes as any entities who are responsible for the safe and secure transmission of sensitive client data.

There are five different sectors with which each HIPAA compliant business needs to adhere.  They are as follows:

  • The Privacy Rule
  • The Transactions and Code Sets Rule
  • The Security Rule
  • The Unique Identifiers Rule
  • The Enforcement Rule

What’s Involved in Becoming HIPAA Compliant?

The education and training of all healthcare providers in current HIPAA protocols is critical.  Education must focus on the core tenets of HIPAA compliance regulations including both the statutory and regulatory sectors.  Key to a thorough understanding of the act is a knowledge of the purpose of HIPAA and why its foundation is relevant to future health care related data transmission.   Precise comprehension of the general principles of the act as all was the key provisions of the Privacy Rule are important for proper compliance with the legislation.

To enhance the education and training of their staff, many healthcare leaders are turning to managed IT services companies like KalioTek for support.  KalioTek has expert knowledge of HIPAA compliance regulations and can help streamline HIPAA protocols by enhancing the company’s current infrastructure and equipping it to meet all compliance legislation effectively.

Compliance requirements evolve and need regular review to ensure that you are meeting the standard set by the regulators.  Expert knowledge of the implications of these is critical.

Did you know? 70% of entities audited by HHS fail to comply and run the risk of penalties and fines.

Let KalioTek assist you in maintaining HIPAA compliance

IT infrastructure we manage as part of our everyday IT+Security Managed Services to ensure data privacy and security include:

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Firewall Security
  • Email Security (AntiSpam, AntiVirus, Content Control)
  • Encryption of Email and sensitive data
  • Web Security (Web Filtering, AntiVirus, AntiSpyware)
  • Instant Messaging Security
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • System Event Management
  • Security Assessment Update and Status

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