How Important Is GDPR Compliance Consulting?

When asked about their greatest fears in the workplace, many of those polled will say that it’s cybersecurity. There have never been more threats to business security than there are today, and those threats are getting increasingly difficult to see before they take hold of your information. And, it isn’t just executives and employees who worry about cyber threats. Even investors in your business may worry about what could happen if your cybersecurity methods aren’t effective.

Do You Have to Worry About GDPR Compliance Consulting in Silicon Valley?

In Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, these threats are particularly ominous. What better target is there for hackers than some of the world’s biggest, most innovative companies? KalioTek provides IT services and support to these critical businesses that are so often targeted. A Silicon Valley company that gets hacked may suffer so greatly from the data breach that their growth is completely arrested. It can mean the difference between a start-up that is poised to make waves in the business world and one that has to stop before it really gets started.

In Business, Watch for This Common Danger

Recently, a live chat came through to KalioTek from an executive interested in GDPR Compliance Consulting and the services provided by KalioTek. The transcript of this conversation illustrates one of the problems that a lot of companies face today.

This site visitor already had an account with KalioTek, but they wanted to know more about the GDPR Compliance Consulting that the company could provide to their business. This is a pretty standard inquiry, and the chat system was ready to connect him to someone who would explain this service to him. That’s when another common issue reared its ugly head.

The executive said they did not want to be connected to someone who could explain these services. Why? Because this visitor had a meeting to go to in just five minutes and had no time to talk to anyone at KalioTek about these essential services. He had no time even to have those services explained to him, much less to get more involved in them. Instead, plans were made for the proper person to call this visitor at another time to discuss these services to give him the opportunity to keep his company compliant.

Is GDPR Compliance Consulting Really Important?

As workers, even executives, are given more and more responsibility, there is a real danger of them placing important business functions low on the list of priorities. This is a common problem that outsourcing your GDPR compliance to an experienced company like KalioTek can solve. Since GDPR compliance legislation was put in place, any company this is not completely compliant runs the risk of data theft as well as penalties from countries that you do business with. Your company faces possible fines of up to 20 million Euros or more if you aren’t compliant.

An important thing to understand about your own company’s compliance is that your company does not have to be based in Europe for compliance to be the law for your business. If you aren’t compliant, you will have to count out some of the world’s strongest economies from your customer base.

To avoid fines and other penalties, get compliant and stay compliant. Don’t limit your business, put it in danger or endanger the data of your customers. With GDPR Compliance Consulting from KalioTek, your business will have access to experts who know everything about this legislation and what must be done to meet its requirements. It’s easier for businesses to outsource this problem, and it’s a more reliable way to ensure compliance. Making a mistake in your compliance can shut down your entire company, so why risk not being compliant? If you aren’t completely sure about your company’s compliance, you put your company, its employees and its customers at risk. It is far more cost effective to ensure there will be no fines, lawsuits or loss of business due to a lack of compliance.

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