Most companies can no longer build an in-house IT team with the necessary capabilities at an affordable cost. They often lack the time and expertise to deal with all the technical issues that arise, much less plan for the future. Out of necessity, IT becomes reactive, shortsighted, and inadequate, or it distracts senior people from more important responsibilities. KalioTek solves the problem by providing a flexible team of IT professionals with the right mix of expertise and flexibility to meet your IT needs and dynamic budget in any phase of growth.

Flexible IT Team Model

For a fixed monthly fee, KalioTek will provide all needed roles or blend with your IT resources to provide missing expertise and capacity. When you need full time capacity in a specific role, hire it and we’ll adjust. Your extended team will have the right mix of expertise and flexibility, tailored to your budget and IT needs. Whether you need extended helpdesk hours, specific project expertise, or strategic IT planning, KalioTek can complete your IT team in an affordable way.

Adopt Best Practices and Tools

Don’t re-invent industry best practices and tool sets with your limited staff. KalioTek can provide these effortlessly. We will provide you with templates for many common processes that can quickly be adapted to your business. We also make our suite of tools available, including a monitoring system, a helpdesk system, and remote support tools with established procedures, saving you money and time. Feel confident that your company has adopted best practices for IT and is prepared for the future evolution of your business.

24/7 Network Operations Center

Your IT infrastructure is continuously monitored by our 24/7 Network Operations Center with live “eyes-on” engineers, who take immediate action and escalate to our on-site team when necessary.