Emerging Technology Companies

Have Unique Lifecycle Needs

Today’s generation of emerging technology companies require next-gen IT and security solutions. Distributed workforces, cloud services and Virtual Private Clouds are now the norm.

These virtual infrastructures must be well-designed, secure, compliant and well-maintained as they grow. A new generation of skills and technologies is required.

As veterans of the venture-funded ecosystem, KalioTek provides the IT and security leadership, managed services and technology expertise to be an extension of your team through all growth stages.

A Sensible Phased Approach

Venture-funded life science and technology companies plan for growth but need to live within their means during each stage. That means knowing what’s important to do now and what can wait. It also means selecting right-sized IT and security technologies that will scale but still fit within the budget. KalioTek solutions provide what’s needed for each stage while also preparing you for the next.

Love your IT and join our happy clients.

Solid Foundation

  • In the new world of remote workforces, cloud services and your in-house systems, security and compliance must start from the beginning.
  • Scalable identity, access and end point management and secure cloud assets are table stakes. It’s much easier to start with strong practices than clean them up later.

Tools + Expertise

  • Tools don’t manage IT, security and compliance. People do. As you grow, you’ll need a variety of technical skills you wouldn’t want to hire full time.
  • KalioTek’s virtual team will know your business and provide the expertise as-needed in a flexible, affordable model.

Prepared for Growth

  • As you grow you’ll encounter customers and partners who’ll assess your operations, security and compliance. You’ll want to be ready rather than scrambling to catch up.
  • We become an extension of your team with expertise and capacity on demand to meet the challenges of growth.

From Startup to IPO/Acquisition

KalioTek has supported many venture-funded clients from their initial funding through highly successful exits, via IPO or acquisition by industry titans. In many cases we have been completely responsible for all IT, security and IT-related compliance. In other cases we have adopted a co-managed model.


We know the journey and have the expertise, experience and flexible capacity to be your trusted partner through all stages of growth. We’ve lived our careers in this ecosystem and share your vision of changing the world one innovation at a time.

Vertical Expertise

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