They Make Egg Whites — What Does Your Biotech Company Do?

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The KalioTek team has been supporting biotech firms since the day we opened our doors. Our biotech clients are an impressive group of intelligent people that do astounding things every day.

So, we thought we had heard of almost every business niche within the biotech industry.

Imagine our surprise when a prospect contacted us and said their business was focused on the production of egg whites.

That took us by surprise.

Egg whites?

Sure, we were used to biotech execs talking about DNA sequencers and the reams of data they use in their studies, but we had never supported a company that focused on egg whites.

Once we got over our original confusion and realized that no one was playing a practical joke on our receptionist, we set up the initial meeting.

In that introductory meeting we realized a few things:

  • First, these were great people!
  • Second, these were great people who were passionate about making the best egg whites in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Third, these were great people who could benefit from our expertise in Managed IT Services.

The Scenario When We Walked In the Door

This egg producing biotech company was similar to a lot of other venture-backed startups that we have supported throughout the years and helped through their stages of growth.

They had begun not long ago and now had grown to a staff of twenty.

The working environment was an open, shared concept that reminded us of the tech startups in our area – no stuffy offices and cubicles for their team!

Instead, each person had the freedom to craft their working environment (inside the open, community space) in a way that worked best with his/her personality and process.

While we thought this was fantastic, it did present a unique challenge.

Gone were the usual workstations. Everything – laptops, tablets, smartphones –  had to be synced and securely connected to the mobile network and that network had to function seamlessly.

Once we had spoken to the company leadership and gotten our minds around how the internal processes of this startup worked, we leapt into action – helping them streamline their processes by implementing cutting-edge collaboration solutions and optimizing their IT environment.

What They Didn’t Tell Us Is That They Were Just A Little Bit Chaotic When It Came To The Solutions They Had In Use.

But that’s okay. Nobody’s perfect, right?

In fact, the chaos came from the individualism that was part of their company DNA, and we had no desire to change that.

Each person had their favorite applications, cloud solutions, and data storage platforms.

These are challenges we often see in startups.

We didn’t want to try to change company culture, after all, we liked who they were and their direction.

So instead of pushing everyone to use exactly the same thing – such as forcing them all to move to Office 365 – we helped them use their main current solution (Google G Suite) more effectively by integrating its functions with the other various solutions they had in use.

The one area in which we did insist on some standardization, however, was data organization, storage, and security.

We set up each individual’s devices to automatically sync and save their files in a way that was secure, geo-redundant, and easily recoverable if needed. This was important for business continuity.

Now, each employee has the IT resources they need to do their job AND seamlessly collaborate with team members, vendors, and clients.

Physical Security and Cybersecurity Were The Next Steps In Our Journey With This New Biotech Client.

When you think of an IT support company and security, your first thoughts go to hackers, malware, and ransomware. Although all these things are important, physical security is essential and often gets overlooked.

Biotech companies, like our new client’s business, face a higher level of public scrutiny than the average small to mid-size company doing business in San Francisco Bay area. Why? Because they deal with health and food.

So, we had to get physical security right.

Their network had to be physically isolated along with their lab. We worked with them to help them design and implement a layout that worked with the internal processes of their team while giving them the secure, authorized access required for those sensitive areas.

Once we had worked through the issues of physical security, we began locking down their devices and data while providing the entire staff with some basic IT security training. We taught them about spam, phishing attempts, social engineering, adware, and ransomware. Why? Because criminals target employees to try to get a back door to a company’s network. Sometimes, that’s their easiest intrusion route.

With Their Physical Security, Cybersecurity, Collaboration, And Data Protection In Place, We Began To Look To Explore What The Future Would Look Like For This Growing Biotech Firm.

The leadership of our new clients understood one vital fact.

IT support and security is not a static thing. It is an evolving strategy that combats current threats and keeps up with emerging technologies.

As a result, the leadership of the biotech firm tasked us with several important forward-looking jobs.

  1. Keep their systems functioning through continuous management, maintenance, and monitoring of their IT environment.
  2. Meet with their leadership quarterly to advise on upcoming quarter’s IT budget requirements.
  3. Keep an eye on new technologies to see what could be implemented to benefit the company’s workflow.
  4. Set up new employees with hardware, software, and cloud assets as they come onboard.
  5. Advise on overall company strategy as it relates to the technical capabilities and budget.
  6. Ensure that the company was meeting relevant FDA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and GBLA technology and data security compliance

Today, several months later, this young biotech company is forging ahead with new contracts, a growing customer base, and a talented group of enthusiastic employees. Their company culture is relaxed and highly mobile. This approach to work – and the technology that backs it up – gives them a flexibility that sets them in a place to be a disruptor in their corner of the biotech industry. We anticipate a long-term, win-win relationship with them and will work diligently to keep them safe and productive.

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