Document Management Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries (Questions/Answers)

Thorough and well-organized documentation is the backbone of modern healthcare entities. Keeping a detailed record of patient interactions, questions and concerns are absolutely critical to maintaining an ethical and well-managed environment for patients throughout their entire care experience. Technology is making it easier for healthcare and private biotechnology professionals to optimize their approach to content management.

Top Questions to Consider When Choosing Document Management Solutions

Why a customized document management solution makes all the difference in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Healthcare and biotechnology industries are booming. Whether its pharmaceuticals or device development, more and more patients are turning to these healthcare professionals for contemporary solutions and cures for their ailments.

Further, these same industries are embracing and adapting to more rapid innovation and virtualization than ever before. Technology has changed the ways in which the creation, management, and sharing of patient documents happens. More and more, healthcare professionals are looking at technology solutions to optimize their document management approach.

As is commonly known, there’s a rule of thumb in all healthcare spaces: if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen! This is even the position that most regulatory bodies take – including the FDA. Good and secure documentation processes are critical for those doing business in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Furthermore, not only is it good for a streamlined patient experience, it’s mandatory for regulatory compliance and due diligence when dealing with sensitive patient data. So how are healthcare professionals supposed to balance this huge responsibility while still focusing on driving development in healthcare?

Managing patient data and committing to a reliable document management system is, no doubt, a huge job. However, it’s a massive undertaking that can be done better with the help of innovative technologies. For professionals working on the cutting edge of healthcare, this is obviously a very attractive solution.

However, using technology to improve and optimize document management processes must be done right. Let’s review the key questions you should be considering when looking for a strategic and reliable document management solution.

  1. What kind of documents and data are you managing?

First things first, it’s a great idea to have a clear idea of the types of patient data you’re collecting and the kinds of documents that require consistent and reliable management. Are you collecting medical histories? Specific medical reports? Pharmaceutical histories?

No matter what kind of data you’re collecting, it’s a good idea to have an organized and detailed approach. Having a clear idea of the exact kind of patient data and documents that need to be managed will help you make better decisions when it comes to selecting a document management solution.

  1. What compliance regulations do you have to consider?

In the healthcare sector, a variety of regulatory bodies mandate the efficient and ethical management of patient content. Those working in any healthcare space are no doubt aware of the wide-reaching HIPAA mandates that are designed to protect patient confidentiality. However, for those working in pharmaceutical and biotech industries, FDA regulations also apply.

Title 21 in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations is specifically designed to regulate the collection and management of electronic records. For busy pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, accessing patient documents is a daily requirement that must be made easily accessible while still upholding regulatory compliance in all areas.

  1. What areas of your operations could be optimized?

Think about the typical day in your office, what documents are always the hardest to track down? What is keeping your team members tied up longer than it should? An effective document management system should provide you seamless, streamlined and secure access to the data and documents you need. You and your team shouldn’t be bogged down by inefficiencies or redundancies.

By identifying weak productivity spots in your day to day operations, you’ll have a better idea of how you should focus the optimization of your document management approach. It will also help you determine the best document management solution to suit your needs. This will have a positive impact on your firm’s quality assurance by optimizing access controls and allowing for SOPs to be better implemented.

Moral of the Story: Don’t Put It Off and Go with Your Gut

Technology is continuing to drive rapid innovation in healthcare and biotechnology spaces – make sure your firm isn’t falling behind. No matter what you do, make sure you’re not settling for a platform that mismanages documents. As noted, there are huge compliance and quality assurance consequences at stake.

By taking a look at your network, you’ll develop a better idea of what you need and that will make all the difference in choosing the right document management solution. Prioritize efficiency and ethics and go with your gut.

Use these questions as an initial guide but do make sure to research different solutions and find out what your professional colleagues are doing to optimize document management and maintain regulatory compliance. Above all, reach out to IT consultants who have experience in the biotech field. An insider’s perspective can make all the difference in getting the most out of your document management solution.

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