Cyber Security Consulting

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Modern Security is Now a Baseline Expectation

Life Sciences and Technology companies are targets of active penetration attempts. Risks have increased as more employees work remotely. Modern security technologies are no longer optional for companies who need to protect their IP, their sensitive data and irreplaceable reputations. KalioTek
can help in selecting and implementing the best solutions for your company.

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Security Solution Projects

Examples of security solutions we frequently implement for customers:
  • Rapid Security Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Endpoint Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Centralized Backup / DR
  • VPN Setup and Expansion
  • SIEM Implementation
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Testing
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Cloud Security

  • Secure your Virtual Private Cloud
    (AWS, Azure or Google) environment with controlled access for each type of user.
  • Cloud Storage: implement secure centralized file storage with  controlled access permissions, compliant with regulatory standards.
  • Data Loss Prevention: prevent specified data from leaving your network.
  • Cloud Access Security Broker: visibility and control of employees’ use of cloud services for company data.
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Security Policies

In the event of an external audit or
breach, the first thing investigators ask for is your security policies. That’s what you’ll be measured against.

Policies must be complete and up to date, including new challenges posed by remote workers. These are not just paper exercises; there are real decisions to make.

We help by providing templates and sharing our experience with similar companies: i.e. Acceptable Use, Backup and DR, Data Retention, Incident Response, Remote Access, Network Security, Data Security, etc.

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Rapid Security Assessment

Stepping back to assess your security situation can leave you with a sense of overwhelm. More employees are working remotely, accessing who knows what cloud services, spreading company data all over the place. What are the highest risks and priorities? Of the thousands of security technology solutions, which are effective and affordable? A KalioTek rapid security assessment is a good place to start. We have served emerging and mid-sized growth companies in the Bay Area for 19 years. We constantly update our security certifications and implement the latest technologies with many similar companies.

We’ll deliver a prioritized action plan and help you resolve issues by assisting your staff or deploying our expert project team to implement policies, processes and technologies. We can even help you stay secure with our managed security services for much less than hiring your own security engineer.

Implementing a Security Program

You can be “compliant” and not secure. A compliance assessment is a point-in-time snapshot. Security is 24×365, and a rapidly-moving target. Security vigilance is a journey that will never end.

To cope with these ever evolving threats, companies need an ongoing security program, not an occasional project.

KalioTek can help you adopt one of the industry standard security frameworks, such as CIS or NIST, that will form the foundation of your security and compliance. We’ll implement the tools and can help you manage the ongoing security program.