A Cupertino IT Support Company or a Productivity Consultant – Which Should You Hire?

Have you ever wondered, “What exactly does a productivity consultant do?”

Sure, hiring someone that says they can help your Life Sciences or Biotech company’s employees get more done in a day seems to make sense.

What would they tell you?

Would they tell you to upgrade your equipment and computers?

Would they help you discover the black holes in your workflow that suck away productivity?

Would they rearrange your employee’s workspace to help them get more done with less effort?

Here’s the truth.

Times have changed.

The productivity expert of yesterday IS the IT support company of today.

IT Support Companies based in Cupertino, CA – like KalioTek – help Life Sciences and Biotech firms get more out of BOTH their technology and their employee’s efforts.

How Has This Merge Between IT Support And Productivity Consulting Happened?

In the early days of manufacturing, the productivity consultant found a profitable niche in aiding companies to shave off seconds at each stage of the manufacturing process. Where machines were positioned, the procedures involved, the physical steps and actions that employees would have to make – all these elements were taken into consideration by the old-time productivity consultant.

From the industrial revolution through the golden age of North American manufacturing, the productivity consultant was king. His ideas and constructive criticism saved and made companies millions of dollars.

Then it happened.

Everything went digital.

Robots were used to do everything from building cars to performing surgical procedures.

As a result, the IT professional has had to take on the mantle of the former duties of the productivity consultant.

It was an easy transition because it made sense.

IT support companies here in Cupertino were already involved in the integration and automation of technology and workflows. So, stepping into the role of productivity consultant was evolutionary, not revolutionary.

KalioTek IT Consultants Provide Biotech And Life Sciences Companies With The High-Level IT Consulting That Provides A Positive Impact On Their Efficiency And Productivity.

Let’s face it.

You don’t need someone to come into your business and tell you how to save steps between the copier, the coffee machine, and your desk.

  • You need someone that can keep your IT systems running flawlessly.
  • You need someone that will look for ways to get rid of manual input processes.
  • You need someone that will help diverse machines, cloud applications, and software “talk” with each other.
  • You need someone that can provide highly efficient and secure ways of real-time project collaboration for your employees.

IT consulting IS productivity consulting.

The KalioTek team is laser-focused on providing an IT environment that is user-friendly.


Because the more we can simplify the function of your technology, the less time you have to spend figuring out your technology and the more time you can spend actually getting work accomplished.

But ease of use and simplicity isn’t everything.

Your systems have to be secure.

Without IT security, being consistently productive is impossible.

KalioTek helps Cupertino Biotech and Life Sciences companies by providing robust cybersecurity that meets or exceeds compliance requirements mandated by the FDA or HIPAA.

What Happens When Cupertino IT Support Companies Help You Increase Your Productivity?

IT support isn’t the solution to all the problems of the world.

We know that!

But having the right people in place to care for your business technology can help you solve some immediate and long-term challenges that your Life Sciences or Biotech firm faces.

Challenges such as:

  • Employee frustrations resulting from poorly implemented technology
  • Security concerns stemming from unsecured networks
  • Stress resulting from poorly designed collaboration applications
  • Wasted time resulting from endless manual data input
  • Worries about compliance audits, fines, and penalties

When you partner with KalioTek for your IT management, maintenance, and operational technology monitoring, you get our executive IT consulting that gives you the information you need to make the BIG pro-growth decisions.

What Other Types Of Service Do Cupertino IT Support Companies Provide?

While we can’t speak for – or vouch for – any of the other IT services companies in the Cupertino area, the KalioTek team works hard to provide the very best in business IT innovation and transformation. To do this, we utilize the following services.

  • Managed IT Services – All the IT support your company needs – monitoring, maintenance, management – for an easily budgeted monthly fee.
  • Strategic IT Consulting – The tech-related information you need to make the smart, future-oriented decisions for your company.
  • IT Network Assessments – A complete health check of your IT ecosystem.
  • Service Desk – The answers your staff needs to IT questions and the assistance they need in troubleshooting situations.
  • Business Continuity Planning – An organized procedure that gives your business a fighting chance if you suddenly lose access to your operational data or local IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud Services – Leverage the power of hosted apps, data, and desktops to get more mobile efficiency.
  • IT Security – The safeguards you need to protect your business, your staff, your clients, and your investment.

This sampling of services is just the tip of the iceberg! KalioTek employees have a deep skillset that they are ready to put to work for you.

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