Cloud Services

Cloud Services with KalioTek takes your business to new height of productivity and flexibility!

Cloud Computing is the future of business building on mobility, flexibility and cost-efficiency. Cloud-based storage gives us the luxury of working from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any device.

KalioTek offers unprecedented flexibility w/multiple hosting options in our Cloud Services line up

  • Windows Servers hosting – providing additional security for you

  • Email and Microsoft Exchange hosting – for Microsoft Exchange and other mail services

  • Infrastructure hosting – migrating part of all of your IT infrastructure to the cloud

KalioTek™ specializes in moving workloads from on-premise servers to the cloud and managing hybrid environments. We understand many companies need to utilize existing assets while planning to migrate most functions to the cloud over time.

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Hosting Services

Is Microsoft 365 right for your business?

You may already be using Microsoft Products. KalioTek™ team can help you become even more productive with Office 365 by optimizing it to your workflow and integrating its functionality into other applications that you have in use. Office 365 Professional includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

KalioTek™ offers seamless integration to Office365

It’s the world’s most popular business communications productivity platform. You want to utilize it in ways that will bring out the best in your business model and processes. For these reasons and more, you need Microsoft Office 365 migration and ongoing consultancy that can advist you throughout all stages of utility – beginning, middle, and unlimited possibilities and potential!

KalioTek is the trusted office 365 experts who can answer any question you may have about this global business productivity platform.

Have you considered Google's G Suite for enterprise collaboration?

G Suite is a set of cloud-based business applications from Google.

  • Businesses leverage G Suite to improve productivity and efficiency within their company.

  • Why? Because Google has continuously and dramatically improved its office productivity offering in the past few years to meet the high standards set by competitors like Microsoft 365.

  • G Suite has emerged as a powerful alternative to Office 365. The apps found within G Suite provide the ability for your employees to collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and databases – along with other types of files.

  • Price points are per user and offer subscriptions at Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

Many use MS Office applications alongside F Suite but choose to de-commission their Exchange server to reduce IT overhead. 

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Collaboration Solutions & Technologies

Want your employees to be able to get more done? Streamline your workflow with optimized high-impact collaboration tools for your business at an easily budgeted price.

  • The KalioTek™ team sources collaboration tools from the best in the industry to bring y ou the easiest and most efficient options available.

Need an even higher level of collaborative capability? No problem!

Our dedicated team has the skills you need to integrate your diverse software, hardware, and cloud assets, so each member of your team has secure access to the moving parts of your data that they need.

KalioTek’s collaboration specialists provide a carefully curated selection of business-class collaboration tools – giving your business the best and easiest available solutions for the competitive advantages now and future growth.

Too many businesses feel locked into outdated landline telephone infrastructure.

KalioTek phone solutions position  your company to take advantage of internet-based phone systems VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides all the professional functionality that you are used to using PLUS the reliability of the newer, faster internet infrastructure to allow your teams to work from anywhere.

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