Have you considered Google’s G Suite for enterprise collaboration?

G Suite is a set of cloud-based business applications from Google.

Businesses across the Bay Area leverage G Suite to improve productivity and efficiency within their company. Why? Because Google has continuously and dramatically improved its office productivity offering in the past few years to meet the high standard set by competitors like Microsoft Office 365.

G Suite has emerged as a powerful alternative to Office 365. The apps found within G Suite provide the ability for your employees to collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and databases – along with other types of files.

Different versions are available on a subscription basis at different per-user price points.

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Looking to connect, create, access, control, and recruit – all from the same platform on integrated apps?


Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Hangouts Meet (video conferencing)


Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides Sites, Keep, Jamboard (shared  whiteboard)


Drive, Cloud Search


Admin, Vault (email archiving), Mobile (mobile device management)



Compared to other cloud collaboration solutions – Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Box, and iCloud – G Suite offers unlimited storage and much more app functionality for the price point.

Added to the price advantage, G Suite is backed by an SLA, is supported 24/7, and boasts 99.98% availability.

At present, G Suite has 190 million individual users, and 5 million businesses rely on G Suite each day for their office productivity, collaboration, storage, and much more.

Businesses trust Google G Suite because it is governed by the best in cyber-security protocols.

Protocols such as:

  • Built-in mobile security
  • E-discovery and archiving
  • Suspicious login detection

With G Suite, all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and the data centers are certified:

  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE16 Type II
  • ISAE3402 Type II
  • MCC
  • SOC-2

Plus you get…

  • Unlimited Storage
  • 72 Language Support
  • Up to 5 TB of Files
  • 2X More Efficient Data Centers
  • Global Optimized Network

Another of the major advantages for a company within G Suite is the Admin capabilities.

The G Suite admin panel allows you to control access, activity in both individual and group scenarios with granular permissions.

Inside Google Vault, your company can meet retention and e-discovery compliance rules and be prepared for litigation or investigation. G Suite saves all email, Google Drive, and Hangout data automatically for you.

On top of these security and retention essentials, G Suite’s robust platform for office productivity delivers:

  • Collaboration and Creation Capability
  • Organization and Sharing Functionality
  • Knowledge Base Building and Retention
  • Full Mobility

Whether your company keeps Microsoft Office is up to you. Many use MS Office applications alongside G Suite but choose to de-commission their Exchange server to reduce IT overhead.

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