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Cloud Services with KalioTek – Take Your Business to New Heights of Productivity and Flexibility!

Cloud computing is the future of business.  It promises BIG and delivers on mobility, flexibility, and cost efficiency.  Thankfully, gone are the days when executives were tied to their desks all day. Cloud-based storage gives us the luxury of working from anywhere in the world, at any time, and from any device.  Better still, cloud-based communications streamline our workforce efforts and allow for added productivity.  Migrating to cloud services isn’t a hard sell.  It’s easy to see what it can bring to your business.

The challenging part is finding the right cloud services support team for you.  After all, you don’t want a one size fits all approach to your IT needs.  You’re searching for an IT support team that really “gets” you and what you do.  You know your perfect fit is out there, but there are a lot of companies in the San Francisco Bay area that are vying for your computing dollar.

How do you narrow down the field to the right cloud services team for you?

Searching for the right cloud services support team can feel overwhelming.  Where do you begin?

The simplest path to finding the right IT support firm for cloud solutions is to take stock of what you already have.  It’s likely that you are not currently maximizing the cloud to its maximum potential for your business.  More than that, you likely have a lot of IT infrastructure that’s costing you money and only getting older.

You want a team that will streamline and simplify what you’ve got into a well-oiled machine. You want IT support staff that will implement, manage, and teaches the finer points of cloud computing to you and your staff.

There are many companies offering cloud solutions in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas. But you want one that will give you a customized approach to your IT needs.  KalioTek is that team.

KalioTek offers multiple hosting options in our Cloud Services lineup.

KalioTek specializes in showing business leaders like you the various cloud options – laying out the possibilities and potential – so that you can make an informed decision.

KalioTek can help you with:

  • Window Servers hosting — providing additional security for you
  • Email and Microsoft Exchange hosting—for Microsoft Exchange and other email services
  • Infrastructure hosting—migrating part or all of your IT infrastructure to the cloud eliminating the need for on-site technology

Many services can be moved directly from hardware devices to the cloud.  Consult with the cloud services experts at KalioTek to find out how we can simplify and enhance your workflow utilizing the cloud.

Cloud services with KalioTek offers unprecedented flexibility

The cloud makes the promise of improved mobility, flexibility, and cost efficiency.  Our customers know this and are typically aggressive adopters of cloud technology. Many of them helped make this cloud revolution happen.

While the cloud opens up many opportunities, it also introduces new complexities.

  • Which cloud solutions will best fit your business?
  • How do you secure the sensitive information in the cloud?
  • Who will manage the cloud for you?
  • How will cloud applications interact with your other company systems?

You need a trusted partner with experience implementing, managing, and securing a variety of cloud solutions.  KalioTek can help.   We’ve been at the forefront of this transformation since the beginning.  We’ll work with your team to understand your requirements and budget and guide you to the most effective solutions. Then we’ll secure, integrate, and manage them for you.  Any changes you need are just a call or email away. Cloud services are our forte.

Cloud services with KalioTek are your comprehensive approach to cloud computing.

The following are some of the major cloud platforms and solutions we have implemented and managed for our customers.

  • Cloud Services Platform  – AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform – KalioTek manages significant assets in these services with 24×7 workloads requiring zero downtime.  Cloud services are not turnkey systems. They need to be designed and managed.  Automation scripting requires skill and experience. Costs can easily get out of control without proper management.  And just like having your own servers in a data center, these systems must be secured with proper procedures and technologies.
  • Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite – KalioTek supports industry standard email and collaboration suites and performs migrations from other email systems.
  • File storage and Collaboration – SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte… These solutions and many others are used by companies like yours throughout the world. We will help you determine which have the features that will work best for your company and within your budget.
  • Identity and Access Management – Okta is being adopted by many Bay Area companies for secure control of identity and access. Azure Active Directory is also a compelling solution for organizations using Azure and Microsoft-based environments.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery— Many of our customers with on-premise servers use Axcient for disk-disk-cloud backup.  This doubles as a disaster recovery mechanism as server backups can be activated in the cloud in case of local failure.  Mozy Pro is also a favorite among customers for cost-effective backup of user machines.  We use AWS and Azure backup services to back up workloads in these cloud platforms.
  • VoIP/PBX—We leverage the benefits of professional, modern business telephone solutions such as 8X8, Ring Central, Skype for Business and Finality.  Many of our customers use ShoreTel systems.

KalioTek specializes in moving workloads from on-premise servers to the cloud and managing hybrid environments.  Cloud migration is usually an evolutionary process rather than a big bang. We understand many companies need to utilize existing assets while planning to migrate most functions to the cloud over time.

Ready to get started?  Professional cloud solutions help is just a phone call away.

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KalioTek is your San Francisco-based expert IT support team specializing in cloud services.

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