Business Continuity Strategy & Planning

Why Should Your Bay Area & Silicon Valley Business Invest in a Solid Business Continuity Strategy?

The element of surprise keeps life exciting!  But unexpected events aren’t always positive, and without a solid plan in place to protect your business, you could be left reeling.  When it comes to business continuity, you can’t afford to be surprised.

Because we don’t know what the future holds, we have to prepare for everything. Tomorrow could be sunshine and lollipops – or it could be hail and lightning. It’s impossible to know what awaits you.

Why Business Continuity Strategy?

Trying to manage your business PLUS all of your IT needs takes superhuman strength…and it’s starting to take its toll on you.  You realize it’s time to partner with an IT support team for your business continuity needs.

You know that you need someone to take on the weight of ensuring that you are ready for whatever is thrown at you by mother nature, criminal activity, or human error.


Where do you begin to find the right IT fit for business continuity?

There is no doubt that your ideal IT support partner is out there.  There are many great businesses at work for your computing dollar, but you want one that really gets you and what you do.  And you want one with proven experience in your field.  So, how do you find them?

A partnership with KalioTek starts with assessing your current IT acquisitions to determine what is working for you and what really isn’t.  Armed with these facts, you can start to assess precisely what you need from a technical support services team to help you meet, and even exceed, your goals.

What business continuity solutions does KalioTek provide for your business?

KalioTek designs, implements, and maintains business continuity strategies and solutions that will give you certainty about your company’s ability to weather anything that comes along.

Human error. Natural disaster. Fire. Flood. Cyber-attack.

Whatever you’re statistically likely to face, KalioTek has the customized, proactive IT strategy to keep you protected and on the job without skipping a beat.

No matter what tomorrow throws your way, the KalioTek team can get your IT up and running again quickly.

How can KalioTek ensure business continuity for your company?

We backup and virtualize your whole IT environment – servers, computer operating systems, settings, applications, and files.

We anticipate problems, so in the event of even minor issues – like extended power outages – your data is there for you when you need it. More than that, the KalioTek team will enable you to pick up and keep going from where you left off – from any internet connected device.  With business continuity solutions from KalioTek, you can rest assured that your IT is in capable hands that will keep it running optimally no matter what is going on around you.

A partnership with KalioTek is the business continuity insurance that you need against unexpected events.

With the KalioTek team on the job, you can keep your files secure and your business moving ahead.  We are committed to helping you get it done – every step of the way.

KalioTek believes that business continuity is about much more than saving files and data.   It’s about taking care of people – your family, your clients, and your employees.  It’s about being ready to face challenges head-on and leading the way when others falter.

It’s about leadership – your leadership.

Does KalioTek offer other complementary services to business continuity?

KalioTek is a full service IT support company.  We are comprehensive in our approach to IT, and we can custom design an IT suite that is the most appropriate for your company’s specific needs.  Best of all, we do it all for an affordable, flat rate monthly fee.  At KalioTek, we don’t believe in giving room to technology that you don’t need and can’t use.  And we don’t believe in you paying for things that just aren’t working for your business.  We can streamline and improve your current IT infrastructure to buy you backspace and save you money all while improving your productivity and efficiency.

Among the services KalioTek offers are:

  • Top tier vCIO services
  • Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 and cloud computing
  • Data recovery and backup solutions for large-scale enterprise
  • Remote IT management and monitoring
  • IT infrastructure streamlining, procurement, and acquisition
  • Cybersecurity solutions including customized strategy, risk assessment, and antivirus protocols
  • Experienced consultants with advanced knowledge of e-commerce programming and development
  • Business continuity planning and implementation – including disaster restoration services

It’s time for you to partner with KalioTek to secure your company’s business continuity future.

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KalioTek is the leading San Francisco-based technical support services provider specializing in business continuity solutions.

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