Do I Need to Hire an IT Company for My Biotech Services Company?

Biotechnology is truly evolving at a rapid rate – developing new technologies, tools, and products that are incredibly useful in research, agriculture, and various other areas. As biotechnology continues to advance, so does information technology. In fact, several information technology advancements have helped enable quicker and more efficient drug discovery and target identification processes.

From high-performance computers to reliable Internet access to data-management software, biomedical research has been improved greatly thanks to the world of information technology. Life scientists are able to share data – both private and public – within virtual environments to stay productive and collaborate more efficiently. This opens up a world of possibilities.

However, biotechnology companies create massive amounts of data, and it’s becoming more important than ever before to ensure the process of analyzing, storing, and securing that data is streamlined as much as possible. This has become one of biotechnology’s greatest challenges. While it’s great to create and collaborate, it’s absolutely vital to:

  • Keep information secure against unauthorized users
  • Explore relationships between pieces of data
  • Manage and maintain data for future analyzation

It’s estimated that biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers create a staggering one terabyte of data each and every week. That’s an incredible 50 million printed pages! For most, their information technology needs double every 6 months, and when you’re facing ever-growing demands on your IT infrastructure, it’s usually best to look at outsourcing to ensure the best value for your money.

{company} provides IT services for biotech services companies in {city} and surrounding areas. We understand the biotech services industry and it’s growing information technology requirements. Call {phone} or email us at {email} now to get started with us.

If you’re looking to achieve continued growth, the key is planning your information technology infrastructure properly – from storage devices to network hardware and software to application servers – everything must be planned strategically to help you meet your short and long-term objectives. {company} helps you on your path towards continued growth as we:

  • Provide solutions that meet CIS and NIST security standards to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches and achieve compliance.
  • Offer around-the-clock support from our service desk and on-site consultants that will enable your team to stay productive.
  • Sit down with you to proactively plan out your information technology to resolve challenges and meet objectives.
  • Maintain your complex IT environment with 24×7 monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support.
  • Provide cloud-based collaboration tools that help your staff members work together on important documents and projects.
  • Offer efficient management of large datasets with data encryption, advanced backup, and recovery options for optimal business continuity.

That’s just the beginning. We’re a fully-staffed information technology and security department. We have over 20+ years of experience with biotech services companies. We act as your trusted technology partner – all for an affordable, easy to predict flat-rate monthly fee. Plus, we’ve built HIPAA and FDA compliance into our standard IT management processes – GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield are covered.

{company}: the right choice when it comes to IT services for biotech services companies that need to maintain compliance and better manage their abundance of data.

We know biotech services companies need to stay competitive in today’s day and age. We also know the ability to maintain a competitive edge hinges on your ability to maintain high-performing, innovative technologies, including high-performance processing, large-scale storage, and better distribution and collaboration of various content.

Not every IT services company in {city} is equipped with the expertise, knowledge, and experience required to care for the complex needs of biotech services companies like yours. Sure, there’s a lot of IT services companies in {city} that excel at what they do – providing technology support for small to midsize businesses, but you know as well as we do, biotech services companies are different in many ways.

You’ll find great IT management companies that specialize in biotech services companies. You’ll also find great security and compliance companies that specialize in biotech services companies. Finding ONE partner to handle both sets of needs is key to minimizing expense and ensuring timelines are completed in an appropriate manner. We’ve got your best interest (and HIPAA/FDA compliance requirements) in mind.

If you’re ready to overcome technological challenges holding your biotech services company back, get in touch with us – we’re ready to work alongside you.

{company} doesn’t simply provide technology services and walk away. We’re with you every step of the way – reassessing your information technology environment on a regular basis to make sure it’s still keeping up with your needs. We want to alleviate all of your technological challenges so you have the best possible chance for incredible success.

Call {phone} or email us at {email} to start working with an IT services company that specializes in biotech services companies like yours. We’ll make sure you have the infrastructure and storage you need to drive your organization forward.

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