A Silicon Valley Real Estate Association Chooses KalioTek

What Did This Real Estate Association Think KalioTek Could Do For Them?

You wouldn’t think an IT company with over 20 years of life science technology experience, that’s helped dozens of BioTech companies, would attract the attention of a very reputable Silicon Valley Real Estate Association, and be chosen to provide complete IT Management and Security Protection.

Throughout the interviewing process, the KalioTek IT Consultation uncovered a treasure trove of information. For starters, the association has:

  • 40 staff members across multiple locations
  • Security is vital for the group and the clients
  • All efforts must be made to protect their client’s sensitive information
  • Every piece of proprietary data and documentation must always be secure
  • They were working with a small IT company with limited skills and coverage

It was made clear by the client that it would ruin the association’s reputation if they had a public event where personal data was mishandled, exposed or worse stolen.

Further Details Emerge From The Consultation

As the interview process continued, specific and well-crafted questions were asked to get to the bottom of what this client is facing and the frustration they’ve been living with for quite some time

  • Had some ransomware challenges
  • They were using Carbonite backup
  • Working with Microsoft Office 365
  • They were tired of the low-end solution
  • Needed a reliable business continuity solution
  • Custom Database in Azure needs constant support
  • Need a company who can give them complete IT direction

Bottomline, they were concerned, tired, fed up, and the time had come to find real strategic IT help.

What Could KalioTek Do For This Real Estate Association?

Here there is a well-respected Silicon Valley Real Estate Association fed up with just getting by with no real strategic IT help. Their whole setup didn’t seem to have any real guidance, accountability, and no data backup strategy.

As overwhelming and confusing it may look on the outside, it all came down to, no one had taken the time to help the Real Estate Association understand the need for a working and continual updating process.

Anytime an IT company comes along, takes you by the hand and shows you or a group how every piece of the IT puzzle can be planned, executed, but more importantly how to keep it simple, organized, and updated.

6 Starter Tips You and Your Management Team Can Use And Begin Putting Your IT Puzzle Together

Tip #1 – All staff members, regardless of their location must be educated on proper email, mobile device, and computer etiquette. 99.999% of the time ransomware attacks come from employee error. They clicked on an unknown email when logged into the company’s system, and that invited the attack.

Tip #2 – Design, implement, and maintain business continuity strategies. There is no way you can know in advance what could harm your business or the type of destruction that could end a profitable business or medical practice. There are natural disasters, fire, flooding, human error and unfortunately vicious cyber-attacks.

Tip #3 – Compliance updating and proactive data protection solutions. If any of your clients are from or a business client based in the European Union, that you conduct business with, GDPR compliance and awareness are mandatory, and all staff must be up-to-date on compiling with the regulations.

Tip #4 – Initiate an IT and Security Assessment, Planning and Documentation to review all IT and security capabilities, assess IT infrastructure, understand current IT policies and procedures, and provide a Gap analysis to evaluate future business goals, plans, and objectives.

Tip #5 – Proactive Data security and Cybersecurity training awareness programs for staff members. We do live in dangerous times, and there are some terrible actors both externally and internally that want to steal your information and sell it back to you or the highest bidder.

Tip #6 – If you outsource your IT and you rely heavily on cloud services for data backup and mobile computing, double check with your IT company to ensure they know all the cloud hosting options. Such as AWS, Azure, Office 365, file storage, backup and disaster recovery, and Identity and access management.

Finally, don’t wait for an IT disaster to take place, companies like KalioTek are a consultation away.

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